Day 3 of the 1999 National Land Rover Rally at Breckenridge, Colorado.

Wheeler Lake Trail:

Ready To Go
16 trucks for today's trail, and we're stuck behind a diesel... for the moment.
Climbing Steps
A stock Disco showing how it's done.
Up Slippery Slopes
The rock strewn climb up to the lake.
Splashing to Us
What's left of the snow melt...
The Obstacles
Not just the people... there are some tricky rocks to get through.
Look Ma, No Sliders
A brave man, who survived without a scratch. Lockers help.
110 Spring
A 110 with long legs.
110 Approach
Despite it's size, the 110 made it through unscathed.
The Splits
Squeezing through the tight spot.
Series Can II
A skilled Series driver can make it, too.
Wheeler Lake
Our destination.
The last of Winter 1999.
Kid Push
A kid with muscle.
Winching Crew
Trucks chained together as an anchor, to....
Disco Overboard
...rescue a wayward Disco that slipped off the beaten path.
Heading home to beat the on-coming thunderstorms.
Page created 8/23/99