Land Rover

Pictures from Lefthand Canyon

The following are a bunch of digital pics that I took while we were running about the trails up from Lefthand Canyon. All the pictures up here have been cut to about quarter size. If you want the full-sized pictures, ask me, and I'll email 'em to you. Just list 'em by name, and write me at and I'll try and get them to you as soon as possible.

Starting Lineup
Sluice Reconointer
Tom Looking For Steering Wheel
Series II Appears
Series III Appears
Six Chiefs and One Indian
Disco - Rock and a Hard Place
Trail Bait
D90 - Wheel In The Air
Disco On Edge
Outta The Way!
D90 Downhill
Rock Sliding
D90 Articulation
More Butts
Ending Lineup
Edge Of Cliff