Fort Cheer

The World of the 400 has no commonly available supertechnology, so how do they keep supervillains incarcerated without force fields, stunners, robot guards, or any of the common niceties?

"You read funny books? 'Cause in the funny books, they always have a big modern prison to put all the supervillains in. They got force fields, and big robot guards, and bolonium walls that can't be busted. And the criminals go in and out like a sieve. Here, we don't have any o' that.

What we do have is a hundred year old crumbling territorial prison. We have flesh and stone and our wits... and fear. Mostly, we have fear. The inmates here, they have no hope because we don't give them hope. They don't get any hope of escape, because if they thought they could, they might try, and even stopping them we'd lose a lot of good men. In my 19 years as warden there have been no escapes, and there won't be any escapes today either, because you're going to follow instructions exactly. Understand?" -- Warden George Harvey, Fort Cheer Federal Prison, Nebraska, 24 November 1997

In the USA, supervillains deemed too dangerous to hold in conventional prisons are sent to Fort Cheer, Nebraska, a decaying hellhole which uses available technology and intense psychological pressure to keep its inmates under control. There has never been a successful escape.

In the USA, the use of superhuman powers in the commission of a violent felony is a capital crime.

In Japan, the use of superhuman abilities in the commission of any crime is a capital crime. So typically only the toughest and nastiest supervillains last very long there.

China has no supervillains, and as far as anyone can tell, no superheroes.

Copyright © 1996 Carl Rigney.