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Heaven's Fire fields over 50 horses, not counting drayage; 50 for the cavalry, and the rest for officers mounts as needed. Most of the officers fight on foot with their cohorts, but there are messengers and runners who need to be mounted.

When Puppylove joined Heaven's Fire, he brought with him several animals, chief among them being Milady and [undefined], horses of unknown origins, but great size and stamina. Milady is at least years old, and is still completely usable as a warhorse. They have been bred with other horses, especially with the descendants of the string of desert horses that Flower brought with her when she joined, resulting in a demon-desert cross. The demon breed brought stamina and longevity, the desert side, speed.

The demon horses are large, though not exceptionally so, and are very intelligent, though again, not much beyond what is possible for a horse (Milady may be significantly smarter), and have an ungodly stamina. The desert are of course both fast and intelligent.

There are about fifteen demon-deserts in Heaven's Fire, plus Milady, of which nine are used by the heavy cavalry, one by Turtle, and the others are made available for officers or couriers, as necessary. There are roughly thirty-five demon-desert-desert crosses, which are used for the balance of the heavy cavalry, and the rest for the light cavalry.

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