Conventio Amnis Mirabilis

Year AD 1300


Magical Library  VisProductionQuickSlushEarmarks
Creo16x2 22 220Heal (20)
Intellego13x2 151 - winter114Map
Muto18x3 44
Perdo20x2 0
Rego15x241 - spring4
Animál16, 12  30246Food (6)
Aquam17, 9x2 71 - summer7
Auram16x3 0
Córporem18x4 1010Heal (10)
Herbam15x3 1376Food (6)
Ignem23x3 0
Imágonem23x2 88
Mentem17, 14  231 - autumn698Heal (8)
Terram18, 17  0
Vim16x2 66

Mundane Library
Hermetic Magic Theory5x2
Mercuric Magic Theory10x2(Converting Spells)
Greek Magic Theory1x2
Code of Hermes3x2
Hermetic History7x2
Classical History5x2
European History4x2
Provencal History4x2
Geography (Classical)3x2
History of Davnavolus of Bellaquin(See Special Section)
Abaddon on Demons(See Special Section)
Local Heraldry, Nobles, etc.8x2
Local Lore (Area Lore)6x2
Local Lore (Faeries)2x2
Scandinavia Lore5x2
Hermes Lore7x2
Philosophy (Humanities)5x2
Philosophy (Greek)5x2
Faerie Lore (Giants)6x2
Fantastic Beast Lore3
Classical Places Lore3
Earth Lore (Mountains)4
Herb Lore4x2
Legend Lore5x2
Stories (Legend Lore)5x2
Legend Lore2
Occult Lore7
Church Lore7x2
Church Knowledge7x2
Theology (Church Knowledge)3
Medicine3, 1
Veterinary Skill3
Scribe Latin5
Scribe Greek (Classical)5x2
Scribe French3
Scribe Arabic (Poetry)3
Scribe Hebrew3
Scribe Hungarian3
Scribe German3

Magical Attributes/Enhancements
On Hidden Library Cache (in the bedrock): 10¦ Vim Vis On Old Library: Soothe the Raging Flames 4¦ Vim Vis On New Library: Soothe the Raging Flames 4¦ Vim Vis

Spell library
20Cr/AnWeavers Trap of WebsHadrickx2
20In/AnVision of the Marauding BeastHadrickx2
20In/AnTongue of the BeastsIason/Gabriellax2
15Mu/AnBeast of Outlandish SizeTremere/Hieronymousx2
15Mu/AnThe Immaculate BeastBellaquin/x2
20Mu/AnSteed of VengeanceHadrickx2
10Pe/AnAgony of the BeastHieronymousx2
40Pe/AnDeath of the Butcher's Blades „Hadrickx2
20Re/AnCircle of Beast WardingHadrickx2
30Re/AnCircular Ward Against Beasts of LegendDavnavolus/x2
35Re/AnCastle Free of Beasts „Davnavolus/x2
40Re/AnCastle Free of Beasts of Legend „Davnavolus/x2
50Re/AnCircular Ward Against Beasts of LegendDavnavolus/x2
10Cr/AqCreeping OilTremere/Horatiusx2
15Cr/AqFootsteps of Slippery OilBellaquin/x2
20Cr/AqMighty Torrent of WaterHadrickx2
25In/AqVoice of the LakeHadrickx2
20Mu/AqBridge of FrostHadrickx2
20Mu/AqGrant Lungs of the FishConstantine/Horatiusx2
20Pe/AqBreak the Oncoming WaveBellaquin/x2
20Pe/AqRoom of the Desert's DrynessBellaquin/x2
25Pe/AqCurse of the DesertFlambeau/Hadrickx2
25Pe/AqBreak the Oncoming Wave„Hadrickx2
10Re/AqGift of the Floating WoodBellaquin/x2
30Re/AqPart WaterHadrickx2
30Re/AqCircular Ward Against Faeries of the WaterDavnavolus/x2
40Re/AqCastle Free of Faeries of the Water „Davnavolus/x2
50Re/AqCircular Ward Against Faeries of the WaterDavnavolus/x2
15Cr/AuChamber of the Spring BreezesTremere/Horatiusx2
15Cr/AuChamber of the Spring BreezesTremere/Tancierex1
20Cr/AuHelm of Sweet Air „Aeoliox2
20Cr/AuGlade of Fog „Aeoliox2
25Cr/AuCastle of Spring Breezes „Hadrickx2
25Cr/AuClouds of Rain and ThunderAquila/x2
30Cr/AuCharge of the Angry WindsTremere/Aeoliox2
35Cr/AuIncantation of LightningAquila/x2
35Cr/AuIncantation of LightningMisgaeroten(Doissetep)/Tancierex1
15In/AuWhispering WindsGuernicus/Aeoliox2
20In/AuSailors Foretaste of MorrowAquila/x2
25In/AuConnect the Sundered Whole „Filius Aquila (build static charge)/x2
25In/AuEyes of the BatCriamon/Aeoliox2
15Mu/AuRain of StonesTremere/Horatiusx2
20Mu/AuClouds of Thunderous MightAquila/x2
30Mu/AuFog of ConfusionBellaquin/x2
30Mu/AuValley of Fog „Hadrick
25Pe/AuCircle of Stolen Breath„Hadrick
30Pe/AuThe Cloudless Sky ReturnedAquila/x2
20Re/AuCircling Winds of ProtectionTremere/Aeoliox2
20Re/AuAir SpoutHadrick
20Re/AuFlight of the Dandelion „Aeoliox2
25Re/AuWings of the Soaring WindConstantine/Horatiusx2
25Re/AuTrapping the Errant Sound „Filius Aquila (winds go dead calm)/x2
30Re/AuCircular Ward Against Faeries of the AirDavnavolus/x2
40Re/AuCastle Free of Faeries of the Air „Davnavolus/x2
50Re/AuCircular Ward Against Faeries of the AirDavnavolus/x2
5Cr/CoCharm Against PutrefactionHadrickx2
10Cr/CoBind WoundBellaquin/x1
10Cr/CoBind WoundAlarmon(Doissetep)/Tancierex1
10Cr/CoHeal the Dragon's Touch „Tancierex2
15Cr/CoGentle Touch of the Purified BodyAlarmon(Doissetep)/Tancierex2
15Cr/CoHeal the Virulent Venom„Hadrickx2
20Cr/CoThe Chirurgeon's Healing TouchBellaquin/x1
20Cr/CoThe Chirurgeon's Healing TouchAlarmon(Doissetep)/Tancierex1
25Cr/CoRestoration of the Defiled BodyAlarmon(Doissetep)/Tancierex2
30Cr/CoThe Severed Limb Made WholeAlarmon(Doissetep)/Tancierex2
35Cr/CoFree the Accursed BodyAlarmon(Doissetep)/Tancierex2
45Cr/CoThe Body Made WholeAlarmon(Doissetep)/Tancierex1
45Cr/CoThe Body Made WholeLuciusx2
10In/CoRevealed Flaws of the Mortal FleshBellaquin/x2
15In/CoWhispers Through the Black GateGuernicus/Justinianx1
15In/CoWhispers Through the Black GateGuernicus/Tancierex1
25In/CoTracing the Trail of Death's StenchBellaquin/x2
30In/CoThe Inexorable Search (Modified)„Hadrick
10Mu/CoEasing the Pains of Childbirth „Gabriellax2
10Mu/CoClaws of the Tiger „Quimric/Tancierex2
15Mu/CoSubtle Eyes of the Cat „M. Amadeusx2
15Mu/CoPreternatural Growth & ShrinkingMerinita/Tancierex2
30Mu/CoThe Silent VigilBellaquin/
30Mu/CoThe Mists of ChangeBellaquin/
30Mu/CoGift of Bear's FortitudeTremere/Tancierex2
35Mu/CoCurse of the Infant's FormHadrick
35Mu/CoClaws of the Dragon (Hermetic) „Tanciere
35Mu/CoClaws of the Dragon (Faerie) „Tanciere
40Mu/CoCarapace of the Earth's Armor (Hermetic) „Tancierex2
40Mu/CoCarapace of the Earth's Armor (Faerie) „Tanciere
15Pe/CoThe Wound that WeepsCriamon/Hieronymousx2
20Pe/CoIncantation of the Milky EyesTremere/Hieronymousx2
35Pe/CoLay to Rest the Undead Army„Hadrick
40Pe/CoClenching Grasp of Crushed HeartAprimus(Flambeau)Tancierex2
10Re/CoRise of the Feathery BodyMarlo/Horatiusx2
15Re/CoEndurance of The BerserkerMarlo/Horatiusx2
15Re/CoWeight of Smoke „Aeoliox2
25Re/CoThe Wizard's Step„Justinian
30Re/CoLeap to Self„Justinian
30Re/CoCircular Ward Against Human Form „Davnavolus/x2
40Re/CoCastle Free of Human Form „Davnavolus/x2
40Re/CoThe Seven League PushMarlo/Horatiusx2
40Re/CoPush of HomecomingMarlo/Horatiusx2
45Re/CoThe Wizard's Push„Hadrickx2
50Re/CoCircular Ward Against Human Form „Davnavolus/x2
60Re/CoCastle Free of Human Form „Davnavolus/x2
10Cr/HeConjure the Sturdy VineBellaquin/
15Cr/HeInstant Map„Justinianx2
15In/HeHunt for the Wild HerbBellaquin/
10Pe/HeCurse of the Rotted WoodBellaquin/
25Pe/HeThe Great RotBellaquin/
10Re/HeRepel the Wooden ShaftsBellaquin/
20Re/HeThe Treacherous SpearIason/Gabriella
30Re/HeCircular Ward Against Faeries of the WoodDavnavolus/
40Re/HeCastle Free of Faeries of the Wood „Davnavolus/
50Re/HeCircular Ward Against Faeries of the WoodDavnavolus/
5Cr/IgPalm of FlameFlambeau/Hadrickx2
10Cr/IgLamp without FlameHadrickx2
20Cr/IgPilum of FireFlambeau/Hadrickx2
20Cr/IgTest of FlamesInirelte/Hadrickx2
20Cr/IgBreath of the Holocaust (Hermetic) „Tanciere
20Cr/IgBreath of the Holocaust (Faerie) „Tanciere
25Cr/IgArc of Fiery RibbonsFlambeau/Hadrickx2
30Cr/IgCircle of Encompassing FlamesFlambeau/Hadrickx2
10In/IgTale of The AshesHadrickx2
20In/IgVision of Heat's LightFlambeau/Hadrickx2
30In/IgWords with the Flickering Flames (Modified) „Hadrick
15Mu/IgPrison of FlamesFlambeau/Hadrickx2
25Mu/IgTrapping the Fire (modified) „Hadrickx2
5Pe/IgQuench the Rippling FlamesHadrick
10Pe/IgSoothe The Raging Flame (bonfire size) „Hadrickx2
12Pe/IgWell Without Light (modified) „Hadrickx2
20Pe/IgSoothe The Raging Flame (house fire size)Hadrickx2
20Pe/IgConjuration of the Indubitable ColdHadrickx2
30Pe/IgThe Wizard's EclipseHadrickx2
60Pe/IgThe Grip of Winter „Hadrickx2
25Re/IgWard of Heat and FlameFlambeau/Hadrickx2
25Re/IgWard of Heat and FlameFlambeau/Tancierex1
30Re/IgCircle Against Heat and Flame „Davnavolus/
40Re/IgCastle Free of Heat and Flame „Davnavolus/
50Re/IgCircle Against Heat and Flame „Davnavolus/
15In/ImImage of the Past StateBellaquin/x2
20In/ImEar for the Distant VoiceCriamon/Justinianx2
20In/ImEyes of the PastCriamon/Tanciere
25In/ImEyes of the Past, enhanced „Justinianx2
35In/ImSummoning the Distant ImagesCriamon/Justinianx1
35In/ImSummoning the Distant ImagesCriamon/Tancierex1
35In/ImGift of the Past„Justinian
10Mu/ImAura of the Enobled PresenceBellaquin/
15Pe/ImInvisibility of the Standing WizardBonisagus/Aeoliox2
30Pe/ImVeil of InvisibilityApromor(Perdo Flambeau)/Hadrickx2
30Pe/ImVeil of InvisibilityApromor(Perdo Flambeau)/Tancierex1
20Re/ImThe Wizard's SidestepCriamon/Justinian
20Re/ImImage from the Wizard TornCriamon/Justinian
20Re/ImRestore the Moved ImageBellaquin/
30Re/ImEffortless Image from the Wizard TornJustinian
30Re/ImCircle of Privacy „Davnavolus/
40Re/ImCastle of Privacy „Davnavolus/
50Re/ImCircle of Privacy „Davnavolus/
5Cr/MeWords of the Unbroken SilenceBellaquin/
20Cr/MeReturn of Mental LucidityGuernicus/Tanciere
25Cr/MeReturn of Mental LucidityGuernicus/Luciusx2
35Cr/MeGift of Reason, enhanced „Luciusx2
40Cr/MeReturn of Mental LucidityGuernicus/Tanciere
10In/MeSight of the Transparent MotiveBellaquin/
15In/MePerception of the Conflicting MotivesBellaquin/
20In/MeFrosty Breath of the Spoken LieGuernicus/M. Amadeus
20In/MeTongue of the Folk „Justinian
25In/MeThoughts Within Babble (Modified) „Justinian
25In/MePosing the Silent QuestionGuernicus/M. Amadeus
30In/MePeering into the Mortal MindGuernicus/Tanciere
10Mu/MeSubtle Shift of HeartTytalus/Gabriella
15Pe/MeCalm the Motion of the HeartBellaquin/
15Re/MeThe Call to SlumberBellaquin/
20Re/MeAura of Rightful AuthorityBellaquin/
30Re/MeCircular Ward Against SpiritsDavnavolus/
30Re/MeCircular Ward Against Minds „Davnavolus/
40Re/MeThe Shrouded GlenDavnavolus/
40Re/MeCastle Free of Spirits „Davnavolus/
40Re/MeCastle Free of Minds „Davnavolus/
50Re/MeCircular Ward Against SpiritsDavnavolus/
50Re/MeCircular Ward Against Minds „Davnavolus/
60Re/MeCastle Free of Minds „Davnavolus/
25Cr/TeWall of Protective StoneConstantine/Horatiusx2
50Cr/TeConjuring the Mystic TowerHoratiusx2
10In/TeEye of the EonsBellaquin/
25In/TeTracks of the Faerie GlowBellaquin/
30In/TeStone Tell of the Mind that SitsBellaquin/
35In/TeSense the Feet that Tread the EarthBellaquin/
15Mu/TeHands of the Grasping EarthTremere/Horatiusx2
25Mu/TeShape Wall of Stone „Horatiusx2
25Mu/TeStatue to AnimalMarlo/Horatiusx2
25Pe/TeThe Cascade of RocksBellaquin/
10Re/TeThe Trackless StepBellaquin/
15Re/TeThe Earth's CarbuncleBellaquin/
25Re/TeThe Earth Split AsunderBellaquin/
30Re/TeCircular Ward Against Faerie of the MountainsDavnavolus/
40Re/TeCastle Free of Faerie of the MountainsDavnavolus/
45Re/TeThe Wizard's Grasp „Marlo/Horatius
50Re/TeCircular Ward Against Faerie of the MountainsDavnavolus/
50Re/TeCrest of the Earth WaveMarlo/Horatiusx2
75Re/TeHermes' PortalMarlo/Horatius
70Cr/ViRitual of Major Summoning „Lucius(vlt)
5In/ViThe Wizard's Subtle TouchBellaquin/
10In/ViSense the Nature of VisBonisagus/Luciusx2
15In/ViScales of the Magical WeightLuciusx2
20In/ViPerceive Magical ScentLuciusx2
20In/ViInvisible Eye RevealedCharles van Huse(Doissetep)/Tanciere
30In/ViSense of the Lingering MagicBonisagus/Luciusx2
30In/ViProbe Object „Luciusx2
35In/ViSight of the Active Magic „Luciusx2
40In/ViInvisible Eye RevealedCharles van Huse(Doissetep)/Tanciere
5Mu/ViChange the Nature of VisBonisagus/Luciusx2
15Mu/ViGather the Essence of the BeastBonisagus/Luciusx2
20Mu/ViWizard's CommunionBonisagus/Luciusx8
20Mu/ViWizard's CommunionBonisagus/Tancierex1
20Mu/ViWizard's BoostBonisagus/Luciusx2
30Mu/ViShroud MagicLucius
30Mu/ViWizard's CommunionSword&Shield/Hadrickx2
35Mu/ViWizard's BoostLuciusx2
40Mu/ViWizard's CommunionLucius
50Mu/ViMirror of OppositionLucius
55Mu/ViWizard's BoostLucius
20Pe/ViWind of Mundane SilenceLucius
30Pe/ViDemon's Eternal OblivionCharles van Huse(Doissetep)/Tanciere
30Pe/Vi Masking the Odor of MagicCharles van Huse(Doissetep)/Tanciere
35Pe/ViDemon's Eternal OblivionLucius
60Pe/ViDemon's Eternal OblivionAbaddon/
15Re/ViWatching WardBellaquin/x1
15Re/ViWatching WardCharles van Huse(Doissetep)/Tancierex1
15Re/ViWaiting SpellCharles van Huse(Doissetep)/Tanciere
20Re/ViWaiting SpellBonisagus/Lucius
30Re/ViWatching WardBonisagus/Luciusx1
30Re/ViWatching WardCharles van Huse(Doissetep)/Tancierex1
30Re/ViWaiting SpellCharles van Huse(Doissetep)/Tanciere
30Re/ViWard Against DemonsLuciusx1
30Re/ViWard Against DemonsDavnavolus/x1
35Re/ViAegis of the HearthLuciusx2
40Re/ViWard Against DemonsCharles van Huse(Doissetep)/Tancierex1
40Re/ViWard Against DemonsAbaddon/x1
40Re/ViCastle Free of Demons „Davnavolus/
45Re/ViWatching WardCharles van Huse(Doissetep)/Tanciere
45Re/ViWaiting SpellCharles van Huse(Doissetep)/Tanciere
50Re/ViWard Against DemonsDavnavolus/
50Re/ViWaiting SpellLucius
50Re/ViWatching WardLucius
50Re/ViSuppress the Wizard's WorkLucius

Modified or New Spell Descriptions:
40Pe/AnDeath of the Butcher's BladesNear/Sight/Inst
 Animal takes 5 wound levels. If it dies, the skin & head are flayed as a trophy, all good meat parts are neatly cut off the bone. The animal appears to fall in a pool of blood. No tools are needed to get the meat and skin.
40Re/AnCastle Free of Beasts of LegendLarge
 +25 Ring Spell. The other "Castle" spells work similarly. (-15 from level.)
25Pe/AqBreak The Oncoming WaveNear/Sun/Year
 As the spell in the book, but the duration is longer.
20Cr/AuHelm of Sweet AirTouch/Near,Sun/Moon,Re
 Produces a bubble of sweet air about a foot across that will keep out water.
20Cr/AuGlade of Fognil/near, sun/moon
 Fills a castle-sized area with pea-soup fog
25Cr/AuCastle of Spring BreezesNear/Sight/Sun/100Years
 As chamber of spring breezes, but for a castle sized area
25In/AuConnect the Sundered Whole100/400mi,Sun/Moon,Re
 A breeze blows you in the direction of an item, person or animal you are searching for. You need an arcane connection. Casting Req of item being searched for.
30Mu/AuValley of FoSight/Inst
 All air in sight turns to fog.
20Pe/AuCircle of Stolen Breath
 All within 10 paces of caster lose 1 fatigue level, STA 7+ or lose second level
20Re/AuAir Spout
 Target makes size stress roll of 10+ or a strength stress roll of 9+ if holding on to something solid. If target fails he is tossed 12' in the air and dropped for +6 damage, armor is halved against damage.
20Re/AuFlight of the Dandelionbody/touch, sun/moon
 Move someone already levitating as fast as a galloping horse
25Re/AuTrapping of the Errant SoundSpec,Ring,Sun/Moon
 All sounds around the caster will not be carried beyond a circle of 15 paces radius. Sounds echo and repeat inside the circle until the sounds are released. The circle will move with the caster but eventually the sounds will get loud enough to cause temporary deafness (as per Jupiter's Resounding blow) when the circle is broken and the sounds are released. Spell lasts until circle is broken, or sunrise/sunset (month if quickened.)
10Cr/CoHeal the Dragon's TouchTouch/Near,Sun/Inst,Faerie
 Cures the poison from Claws of the Dragon.
15Cr/CoHeal the Virulent VenomTouch/Near,Sun/Inst
 Arrests progress of any poison, magical or natural. Vis cures the person.
30In/CoThe Inexorable Search150mi/600mi/Sun
 As the book spell except search time is 1 sq ft/10 min and duration is Sun
10Mu/CoEasing the Pains of ChildbirthTouch,Conc
 Gives a +15 to the soak roll for resisting the wounds of childbirth, which is a +15 wound.
10Mu/CoClaws of the Tigerbody/touch, sun/yr
 Big nasty claws: Damage +2+Str+Brawl
15Mu/CoSubtle Eyes of the CatTouch,Sun/Year,An
 The target gains the eyes of a cat, which allow him to see in darkness, (but not absolute lightlessness) with no visible changes to the eye except for a reflection from the tapetum in bright light.
35Mu/CoCurse of the Infant's formSight/Sun/Perm
 Turns the body of target into that of an infant. Head gets smaller but face remains the same & ages normally.
35Mu/CoClaws of the Dragonbody/touch, sun/yr, Pe
 Big claws like Claws of Tiger, plus poison: roll Sta+Siz+stress...
12+ or be paralyzed immediately
9+ for each of next five minutes or die
6+ each hour to recover
40Mu/CoCarapace of the Earth's Armorbody/touch, sun/moon, Te
 +12 armor, scales have +20 magic resistance
35Pe/CoLay to Rest the Undead ArmySight/Inst
 All mindless undead within 10 paces of the target point are destroyed in two rounds.
15Re/CoWeight of Smokeself/touch, sun/moon
 Like Rise of the Feathery Body, only better duration
25Re/CoThe Wizard's StepSelf/Touch(Near)/Inst
 Teleport anywhere within 15 paces if in sight or caster has arcane link.
30Re/CoLeap to SelfSelf(50mi)/Inst
 Teleport to any arcane link of yourself within 50 miles.
30Re/CoCircular Ward Against Human FormRing,Ring
 Simple roll Siz+Str 15+ to penetrate.
40Re/CoCastle Free of Human FormLarge Ring,Ring (Moon/Perm)
 Simple roll Siz+Str 12+ to penetrate.
45Re/CoThe Wizard's PushTouch(150Mi)/Near,Inst
 Moves self or anyone touched up to 150 miles with an arcane link, or sight with an Int+Finesse skill of 11+ to avoid slight mishaps. Spell has enhanced effect which allows it to be used on animals up to size +1 with An requisite
50Re/CoCircular Ward Against Human FormRing,Ring
 Simple roll Siz+Str 25+ to penetrate.
60Re/CoCastle Free of Human FormLarge Ring,Ring (Moon/Perm)
 Simple roll Siz+Str 22+ to penetrate.
15Cr/HeInstant MapTouch/Near/Moon/Inst Re, Im requisite
 Can duplicate any image on a flat surface up to a man's height in height and width. Image appears a pace away, then solidifies into a linen map, dyed to the exact specifications of the original.
20Cr/IgBreath of the Holocaustspec, inst
 +20 damage (+10 in 2 pace radius), -1/pace, +1 Aim
30In/IgWords With the Flickering Flame (Modified)Reach/Near/Conc
 As the 25 point spell, except the Fire is awakened further, and it has knowledge of not only what it has burned, but what it has illuminated.
25Mu/IgTrapping the Fire. Reach/Near, Ritual, Perm
 Puts a bonfire sized fire into a hard object. It is as hot and bright as a brazier full of coals.
12Pe/IgWell of DarknessNear/Sight,Ring/Perm
 10 paces darkness, light above level 12 works.
60Pe/IgThe Grip of WinterSpec,Moon/Year, Ritual
 Dims the sun in an area 50 miles diameter for a period of 1 month (1 year if quickened). Summer is like spring or fall, spring or fall becomes like winter, winter becomes really awful.
30Re/IgCircular Ward Against Heat and FlamesRing,Ring
 +15 Soak.
40Re/IgCastle Free of Heat and FlamesLarge Ring,Ring(Moon/Perm)
 +12 Soak.
50Re/IgCircular Ward Against Heat and FlamesRing,Ring
 +25 Soak.
25In/ImEyes of the Past, Edition 2 VersionNear,Conc.
35In/ImGift of the PastTouch/Sun
 As Edition 2 Eyes of past, but touch range and sun duration.
30Re/ImEffortless Image From the Wizard Torn50mi/Day
 as Image From the Wizard Torn but requires no concentration
30Re/ImCircular Ward of PrivacyRing,Ring
 Blocks any image you want.
40Re/ImCastle of Privacy Large Ring,Ring (Moon/Perm)
35Cr/MeGift of ReasonEye/Sight, Sun/Year
 Gives the target the ability to reason clearly, as in the 30 Cr/Me spell Gift of Reason. However, it lasts longer.
20In/MeTongue of the FolkNear/Sight,Conc.
 Speak with one single person
25In/MeThoughts Withing BabbleNear/Sight,Conc.
 Understand meaning of writing and speech. Unfortunately the spell makes you think and speak like the writer (or speaker) during concentration, and many of the personality traits of the writer persist for about 5 minutes after concentration ends. (Minor Neutral & Major Negative side effects)
30Re/MeCircular Ward Against MindsRing,Ring
 Simple roll Int+Personality Traits 15+ to penetrate.
40Re/MeCastle Free of MindsLarge Ring,Ring (Moon/Perm)
 Simple roll Int+Personality Traits 12+ to penetrate.
50Re/MeCircular Ward Against MindsRing,Ring
 Simple roll Int+Personality Traits 25+ to penetrate.
60Re/MeCastle Free of MindsLarge Ring,Ring (Moon/Perm)
 Simple roll Int+Personality Traits 22+ to penetrate.
45Re/TeThe Wizard's Grasp10-150 mi,Inst
 Teleport up to what a Str 5 person can carry. Maximum weight: 10 miles. For each point of strength less, 10 miles more, up to 150 miles. You need an arcane link and requisites based on form of treasure.
60Re/TeThe Wizard's Hand150/600 mi, Inst
 Teleport all inanimate within 10 paces that weighs less than 300lbs each to somewhere... need an arcane link to the location you are transporting it to or from.
70Cr/ViRitual of Major Summoning4 mi, Spec., Rego, Ritual
 Sucks vs to caster, damaging the magic aura of a region 4 miles diameter.
30In/ViProbe ObjectTouch,Conc.
 Allows you to investigate an object in less than a season, as if investigating it in the lab. This is a general spell; you cannot discover any powers of a level higher than the level of the spell + stress die (in this case, 30). You can, however, discover lower-level powers on an object with many powers. It triggers Waiting Spells as investigation does.
35In/ViInvisible Eye RevealedNear,Sun/Year
 Other than duration, exactly like the named spell.

Lucius:diamond-edged, words sound supperrealistic; very 'real', sharp, gestures
Hieronymous:intense colors
Horatius:small manifestation of all four elements
Hadrick:cheerful, bright, and sparkly
Justinian:all images and information are slightly idealized
Gabriella:a feeling of peace; spell effects are subtle and seem natural
Marcus Amadeus:caster becomes more visible and impressive
Imbria:flashy and intricate
Aquila, founder of Nidus Aquilorum:smell of a fresh spring day after a big storm
Marlo, Mercuric Mage:brutally thorough
Constantine, Parens Horatii:the ground trembles