Don't Lose Your Edge at Endgame 2008/10/4

I'm pleased to report that the DRYH/Shadowrun hack Don't Lose Your Edge at the Oct 4 2008 Endgame minicon went very well.

In a future where magic has returned, everything woke up, and technology is changing what it means to be human, the world has broken and new ways of life are crawling from the wreckage of the old.

The best friend who saved your life is gone, betrayed, and it's up to you to get Payback in his memory. In a whirlwind world of kung fu, exotic weaponry, lethal cyberware, friendship, betrayal, chrome eyes, ambushes, and Ten Million Enemies, there's one thing you can bet on: Mr. Johnson is going DOWN.

This is an experiment using Shadowrun's setting (more or less) with adapted DRYH mechanics. Beginners welcome, system will be taught.

The runners' friend was avenged and Mr. Johnson extracted (except for his feet, which he's not going to need anyway) and handed over to a terrible yet lucrative fate, with surprisingly no other fatalities. Final Edge (replacing Exhaustion) was 5 for 3 PCs, 4 for the bike courier, and several flirted with 6 Edge numerous times until Discipline dominated or a Hope coin was spent to bring them back from the edge of disaster. (If Edge goes over six you crash and burn, and that's the end of you. It was a near thing.) Magic/Cyber replaced Madness and worked well.

Not much despair was generated because pain rarely dominated. The PCs were tossing in handfuls of Edge and Magic dice, and not sticking around to play with the Aztechnology Fast Response Team, which was Bringing the Pain. There was a very nifty tension towards the end in which the decker and elven shaman were facing disaster with every action, but didn't quite crash and burn. At one point the decker picked up a "Kill everyone" virus while hacking Aztech info boards (Fight response on a Cyber dominating result) and the "Overlooked" edge of the shaman and "Wired reflexes" Cyber of the Street Samurai came in very handy.

I started everyone with one scar, which provided a reroll to save the bacon of the decker and shaman.

The PCs were:

Jailbait, 16yo male elf shaman, Edge "Overlooked", Magic "Talk to the Street", Scar "Seven Luck Bag".

Dos Equis, 37yo male cuban ex-cyberterrorist decker who'd betrayed his comrades and had those parts of his memory cut out and replaced with cutting edge deckware. Edge "Lie", Cyber "Decking", Scar "Betrayal".

Johnny Rotten, 20yo female human adept bike courier, Edge "Grace", Magic "Movement without Restraint", Scar "Theseus' chain" (Her courier bike was assembled from bits and pieces, but its chain was a vintage one she'd used all her life, replacing a link here and there). She was a burbclave refugee desperate to be seen as fashionably cutting edge.

Riff, 32yo male dwarf Street Samurai, Edge "Blade master", Cyber "Wired reflexes", Scar "WW I japanese wakizashi" (140+ years old, hand made, had been used a lot and cared for, so powerful spiritually), who kept upgrading his reflexes but was growing tired of the flashlife and wanting to find true love and settle down.

Johnny's player had bought all 4 editions of Shadowrun over the years but never gotten the chance to play, and had not played DRYH before. The other 3 players had played DRYH before, most had also played Shadowrun.

I was worried about whether it would work at all, and very pleased at how well it worked. I hope to run it again.

The morning DRYH session "Terror at 30,000 feet" also went well (and very bloodily) and the Fringe Blogger wound up as Assistant Spymaster to the Wax King, delivering unto him the God of Knives who had fallen in love with the PC porn star with "Sexy Persuasion" and "Body Weaponry" talents.

Both games finished in exactly 4 hours, including time to teach the system and create characters.

Many other games were also run, but not by me, so those are tales that others tell.

In two weeks: Shadowrun Agon!

"A game is not about what it is about, but how it is about it."

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