Umbra - Shadowrun using Agon

Here are my notes for a work-in-progress adapting John Harper's excellent game Agon of Greek Heroes earning glory through heroic deeds, to run Shadowrun, with street heroes earning Rep through deeds. I especially like the GM resource limit via Strife Budget, and the emphasis on facing danger boldly instead of avoiding risk. I was inspired (and took quite a bit from) John Harper's Shadowrun/Agon conversion. I'm aiming towards my vision of what I'd like Shadowrun to be, instead of trying to match what the original Shadowrun rules and setting do. My ideal game would be the shadow cast on the wall of the cave by the platonic ideal of "Ghost in the Shell with Shinto".

The GM in Agon gets a limited budget (Strife) to use in opposition, which Eay be a nice solution to Shadowrun's inherent flaw of "So you're offering us Y2000 to tick off a multi-billion corp that spends more each week on security than we'll make in our entire lives?" The GM gets resources based on the Name (reputation) and number of Runners and how many sub-objectives are involved in the quest (mission), and uses those to pay for all opponents and challenges. So there's a built-in limiter so that little guys don't get squashed, but big guys get big challenges for big glory.

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