Umbra - Example characters

The four PCs from the Don't Lose Your Edge Endgame minicon run statted up using Umbra rules.

Jailbait, 16yo male elf shaman, Edge "Overlooked", Magic "Talk to the Street", Scar "Seven Luck Bag".

Name d6				Essence 6	Fate 0
Trait Street Shaman +2 to Magic and Contacts rolls
Insight d4	Grace d8	Body d4 	Will d8
Medic d4	Info d8		Systems d4 	Magic d8+d6
Athletics d6 	Cunning d6 	Intrusion d8 	Contacts d8
Defend d8 	Close d4 	Firefight d4	Support d8
1 Seven Luck bag (magic 1d6)

Dos Equis, 37yo male cuban ex-cyberterrorist decker who betrayed his comrades and had those parts of his memory cut out and replaced with cutting edge deckware. Edge "Lie", Cyber "Decking", Scar "Betrayal".

Name d8				Essence 5	Fate 8
Trait Decker +2 to Info and Systems rolls
Insight d6	Grace d6 	Body d6		Will d6
Medic d4	Info d8 	Systems d10+d8 	Magic d4
Athletics d6 	Cunning d8 	Intrusion d6 	Contacts d4
Defend d8	Close d4	Firefight d4 	Support d8
2 Cranial cyberdeck

Johnny Rotten, 20yo female human adept bike courier, Edge "Grace", Magic "Movement without Restraint", Scar "Theseus' chain" (Her courier bike was assembled from bits and pieces, but its chain was a vintage one she'd used all her life, replacing a link here and there). She was a burbclave refugee desperate to be seen as fashionably cutting edge.

Name d6				Essence 5	Fate 0
Trait Courier Adept +2 to Grace and Athletics rolls
Insight d4	Grace d10	Body d6		Will d4
Medic d4	Info d6		Systems d6 	Magic d8
Athletics d8+d8	Cunning d4 	Intrusion d8 	Contacts d6
Defend d10	Close d8	Firefight d4 	Support d4
Armor d6 Helmet (-1 firefight)
2 Courier Adept (athletics d8)

Riff, 32yo male dwarf Street Samurai, Edge "Blade master", Cyber "Wired reflexes", Scar "WW I wakizashi" (140+ years old, hand made, used a lot and cared for, so powerful spiritually), who kept upgrading his reflexes but was growing tired of the flashlife and wanted to find true love and settle down.

Name d8				Essence 3	Fate 8
Trait Blade master +2 to Athletics, +1 damage at close range
Insight d4	Grace d6	Body d6		Will d8
Medic d6 	Info d6 	Systems d6 	Magic d6
Athletics d10+d8 Cunning d4 	Intrusion d6 	Contacts d6
Defend d8	Close d10+d8	Firefight d4 	Support d4
2 Wired Reflexes (athletics d8)
2 100-year sword (close d8)

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