Unless something really important comes up, the students' schedule looks like this:

Monday through Friday:
0700  Wakeup Call
0715  Physical Training - Mr Jones
0800  Breakfast
0900  History - Mr Roosevelt
1000  French - Miss Fairchild
1100  Physical Training - Ayumi-Sensei
1200  Dinner
1300  Mathematics - Dr Solomon
1400  Arts & Literature - Miss Lane
1500  Natural Philosophy - Mouse (lab Tue & Thu)
1700  Homework & Independent Study
1900  Supper
2000  Free Time or Study
2100  Lights Out (2200 on Friday)

0700  Wakeup Call
0715  Physical Training - Mr Jones
0830  Breakfast
1000  Homework & Independent Study (or Services)
1200  Dinner
1300  Unsupervised Study; off-campus passes available if in good academic standing
1900  Supper
2000  Curfew (return from off-campus)
2200  Lights Out

0700  Wakeup Call
0730  Breakfast
0900  Services or Homework & Independent Study
1200  Dinner
1300  Free Time (Supervised Study if not in good standing)
1900  Supper
2100  Lights Out


Most of the student residence hall is sealed off, since there are only seven students this year, but what's left is quite nice even if somewhat old-fashioned (steam radiators, windows that open with cranks, lots of real wood panelling and brick exteriors). It's a standard dormitory setup: shared bathrooms down the hall, kitchen on the first floor, couches at the intersections of hallways.

When our heroes first show up, there are three rooms open: two doubles and a triple. Despite Spike's offer to Peter, the two boys ended up in the double facing the soccer field. Spike, Deb, Maureen, and Ick! all piled into the triple (also facing the soccer field), so that no one would have to room with Vicki. (Since Ick! can sleep in a bucket in the closet, this isn't as crowded as it might seem.) Vicki got the double across the hall all to herself.

Halfway through #3, Spike and Maureen had a rather violent disagreement. Since Spike had to report to Miss Lee, Maureen got to move out first, and moved out of the triple and in with Vicki. However, Spike had already planned on moving out, so rather than change her mind, she got Peter to open up one of the sealed doubles for her and moved into that. So far, the administration hasn't complained.

This left Deb and Ick! alone in the triple, but Snow moved in with them when she decided to stay at the Academy in #3.

When Vicki ran off to live on the Chicago Riviera with Great Chicago Fire, Maureen was briefly officially rooming by herself, but Larisa took over that empty slot when our heros brought her home at the end of #8.

At the beginning of #9, everyone got assigned to two-person teams who had to be together at all times, day and night. This led to some shuffling of room assignments in ways that it's probably just as well no one's parents have been informed of. The initial team assignments were: Ick! & Deb, Larisa & Foxfire, and of course Doug & Snow and Peter & Spike. Peter's reaction when he realized that team and room assignments had to coincide was everything one might hope for.

When Snow, Foxfire, and Doug left, and Michael arrived in #10, some of the students had high hopes of room assignment changes, but there were no team reassignments over winter break, so Michael roomed by himself during the brief period he was at the Academy.

Dianna was talked into rooming with the other girls when she showed up in #13, so for the moment Deb, Dianna, Larisa, and Ick are in the triple, and Spike and Peter are still in their double even though the team system has been abolished in favor of more general restrictions.