Making Swords -- 9 Jan 2001

An old king and a new king both created swords to fight each other for the throne.

The old king did his sword the traditional way, Damascus style, with fire, anvil, hammer and hands-on craftsmanship, because he really did believe that he knew the best way to make a sword and he wanted complete control of the process to get exactly what he wanted.

The young king went to a forging firm with a ceramics forge and he talked with all their engineers about what would work best. Together, they all came up with an oddly fish-shaped blade that could withstand 800 degrees heat and was sharp enough to slice cleanly through steel girdered walls, glass, and brick. Yeah, he just playfully swiped at a building wall and went right through.

When the two kings met in combat, the fish blade sliced the old-fashioned one into little, tiny bits in no time. A light touch of the tip on the back of the old king's hand, to let a bit of blood flow, and the young king had won.

The young king was much better for his kingdom, too, as he actually listened to people instead of just doing things his way, but he also took the responsibility of being the ultimate authority on things very seriously. So when he was asked to decide things he didn't know anything about, he went out and found people that were good at it to explain it to him; but he was the one to decide.

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