Last Updated on October 29, 2010

I get lots of dreams. Interesting dreams, weird dreams, often dreams that I wake up and find have structure, plot and mysteries in them, to them. Dreams that haunt me for months until I write them down and give them expression in reality.

I spent an entire NANOWRIMO on my dreams in 2007, and came up with a lot of new stories as well, some haunting, some adventurous, and some just pretty.

The Gabriel quote that got you here is, in some ways, a litney of my life. All real things came from someone's imagination, sometimes from someones dream of what they could do with all they knew or a dream of what more is possible. Treasure your dreams, for they can change reality. One of the best lessons I've ever learned was once expressed by Cordelia to her son, that the Universe will never give you a reason, you must make your own.

But sometimes, the Universe might cheat and slip you a dream when you're not looking.

Making Swords
A new-fashioned dream parable.
Codeine cough syrup and way too many months without soccer brought me this one.
Sephar in the Sewers
A dream I had while in the midst of playing in Genevieve's In Nomine game Fiat Justita, Ruit Caelum. Some bits are from the game, some from a dream. This has some table formatting hell in it, so if you don't like weird formats, it's not for you. Couldn't think of another way to show Sephar splitting up its consciousness.
Walking Amid Dreams
This is a whole montage of dreams that happened while I was recovering from surgery. Eat before you read this.
A Field of Rubies
A somewhat disturbing dream of magic and its prices
Thor! God of Thunder!
Or how powers were passed to the young
Knots of Memory
A telepath that's used for interrogations and required to forget
Of Apocolyptic Angels
An endless race through space after... what?
Dream of the result of a demon possession
Dream 1
Dream of me greeting a love in an airport -- reported a tearjerker
Dark Experiments
A cyberpunk style experiment turned odd.
Dreams from a time of much Coding.
Weird dream about cut off heads
Dream beginning of a story

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