April 6, 1998

Busy Hands

Started on the sprint to cram everything that we could into the last two days of my work. Lots of things happening at work that we had to work through before I went off, mostly design decisions on the large scale as I seem to do pretty well with it. Also went through coding standards, class construction rules, things that were useful to do at any level of design, and various possible formats for documentation. "What makes sense?" seems to be the biggest question for any and all of it. That was nice to have.

Spent most of the day in meetings with people.

Got home and found the J Peterman's box on my doorstep. Pulled things out and tried them all on. The brilliant green PVC jacket makes my hair look dull. Yeesh. I may have to take a picture and say that it's a green test pattern. *laughter* It's like the color the new fire engines are made, and it is spottable from a mile off. Just like me. Ha!

The black mountain shirt was exactly what I expected and wanted as well. The Kimono derived vest was neither as colorful as the one in the catalog, nor did it drape quite as well as I wanted, so I packaged it up to send back. I have real kimono, ancient silk that would be comfortable to just wander about in, so I should just use those, I think.

The rest of the evening was pretty simple. The bike and dinner and two Buffy episodes and then it was definitely time to sleep.

I dreamed I was a Kryiotate and I floated over my body when it went under for the surgery and I could see everything they did, but got bored after a while. Then got to wander off to Heaven for a bit, just bask in the celestial reality of the place and the Light of God. Then wandered around the Earth happily for a bit, helping out kids, saving puppies, and killing a demon. Then drifted back into my host when it woke up again. Or was it a Vessel?

Got another Mark letter and that was okay.

Also got to talk with Angie, Margaret and Bryant on the MUSH today and they were pretty happy all in all with their trip, so that was very good indeed. They provided just a most excellent distraction for the time when I needed it the most.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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