Liralen's Adventure Through Life
April 1998
 1: Not Funny - Sorry
 2: Things To Do
 3: Not Much Done
 4: Fun
 5: Beauty
 6: Busy Hands
 7: Touch
 8: Preparation
12: Walking Amid Dreams
13: Back to Work
14: Dead Tired
15: Company and PT Advances
16: Death and Changes
17: Soreness, Therapy and Demos
18: New Fridge!
19: Sunny Sunday
20: Wierd Happenings
21: Open House
22: Goop
23: Scars and Thunder
24: She Walks!
25: A Body At Rest
26: Sunny Day
27: Inchoate Depression
28: Adventurous Trip
29: Ow
30: The Same Thing

The month where I got the surgery done and walked, for a while in dreams. It started rather painfully. Much of this is just the long, slow climb back up into being able to use my leg again. I played a lot in Genevieve's In Nomine game Fiat Justitia to distract myself and took quite a lot of painkillers and got worked over by cool physical therapists.

Got somewhat depressed by the way the progress was mapping, but managed to keep going with the darned exercises. I also was helped out by visitors of various sorts that picked up my spirits, showed me the magic that's here in Seattle, and found out just how nice it is to be able to cook and even walk again.

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