April 8, 1998


It feels kinda keen that I get to fast in order to get myself fixed. It's an odd thing, I know, to think that way, but there it is. The day is just gorgeous, and the coming weekend is going to be Easter. Which should be really interesting.

Woke up before the alarm, so I showered thoroughly and then moved all my bathroom stuff downstairs, all the extra pillows, a robe and a bunch of clothes, because I was likely going to be living downstairs for a while. Then got together all the things that I was supposed to get together to prep for the surgery stuff, and bundled them up in a bag. Since I wasn't going to have to get to the hospital until noon, we went to work until then.

Mostly put together a bunch of diagrams from the discussions the day before, also caught up here. Raven says that my pattern when I'm busy is to get three or even four entries up in a burst, then wait a while again and then do it again. I have to admit that I prefer to update every day, but sometimes things do get busier than I like. It's been one of those weeks. Likely when I'm laid up I'll do a little better. We'll see.

I'm not really scared. Just. Well... I dunno. It's going to get done. I'm going to get fixed. Every day for the last week, I've felt my knee sliding when I walk, which hasn't been a comfortable feeling, and I know that the joint is pretty unhappy with the way things have been. I'll get to see now if it'll be happier with what is going to be.

Just hungry now, and tired and thirsty. Not too much longer...

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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