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April 11, 1999
a year ago

Dim Sum in Denver

Alameda and Federal. That was pretty much all the clue we had as to dim sum restaurants in Denver metro. John found the intersection on the map of Denver we had and then promptly left the map in the house when we walked out the door; but it really didn't matter. The way to get there was really simple and the day was bright and clear. We just took I-25 south for about twenty minutes, coming across some major shopping centers along the way, and reached the Alameda exit with no problem.

The intersection had, maybe, three possibilities, but we decided to stop at the Far East Complex, which had about a dozen different Asian stores marked more in Vietnamese than Chinese. But the grocery stores and the shops had some of the real stuff, and covered nearly all the supplied I'd need to make Chinese food. We wandered about until it was 11:30 and then ducked into the one place with a Chinese sounding name, the China Jade, which said they served dim sum and seafood.

It turned out that the China Jade had 'order by menu' dim sum, where you just mark off what you want and then they bring it to you. No carts. It's a good, low volume method for distributing freshly heated dim sum to those that wanted it and the food we got was pretty good. At the front desk they had fresh cha shu, roasted ducks and chickens. So I bought a good chunk of cha shu and we then went next door to the bakery.

The cha shu bow in the restaurant had been done traditionally, with the cake flour so that the bow were fluffy, sweet, and soft, the bakery had the yeast dough style bow, chewier with more body. John bought those while I got a single stick of sweet Chinese sausage and a packet of dried, powdered, packed peanuts. The lady looked at me when she asked John if he really only wanted one stick of sausage, but given that I haven't cooked with it for years, it seemed the appropriate amount.

On the way back we stopped at those shopping malls to see what there was to see. It's only ten to fifteen minutes from the house and we found a lot of stuff there that was going to be really useful.. There was a Home Depot, the promise of an Eagle to come, several movie theaters, and the coolest find was a Biggs, which looks pretty much like one of the Northwest's Fred Meyer, which has both all the things of a grocery store mixed with all the things that might be in a department store, plus everything at Target. All cheap. We went in with no real desire to buy anything and came out with sunscreen, cards, Burpee seeds for various herbs (see it got me!), and I would have bought a cheesecake but the ice cream I knew was in the freezer stopped me.

At the Home Depot, John got a water heater escape valve to fix things, and I bought a big bag of potting soil for the seeds.

We went home and did stuff to the house and the seeds, and I called Frontier Airlines to confirm that I would be using the Freeway Flyer tomorrow morning to get from Boulder to DIA.

Dinner was fun. I did fried rice with all the leftover rice from the last week. Added green onions, an egg, and some of the cha shu. I also dry cooked the asparagus and did a beef and tomato dish that was yummy on its own. It was all pretty simple stuff, but really good and complex together. It's been a while since I've had to coordinate multiple dishes, and it felt good to do that in the new kitchen.

I also spent a good deal of time with some of my quills and found that I'm getting much better at cutting them so that they're useful. It's almost like sharpening a pencil, now. The tips are usable for pages at a time, and they do pretty well.

While the dishwasher ran, John and I decided that we'd have to get a new one once the other house is sold. This one is just so noisy compared to our previous one and with the open house, again, the sound gets propagated throughout the house. Plans. How cool. Plans.

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