Liralen's Adventure Through Life
April 1999
  1: Unloading
  2: Snow Unpacking
  4: Unpacking
  5: Home Again
  6: Grounded
  7: Social Again
  9: Uk
10: Open Farm
11: Dim Sum in Denver
12: Tanned in Seattle
13: Busy Day and Ways
14: A Loss of Identity
15: Bonus!
16: Ft. Lupton and Snow
17: Shopping Spree
18: Puttering
19: Tree Watering
20: A Day
21: Distractions
22: Doggie Daycare
23: Whiting Code
24: A Night and Day Quests
25: Needs
26: Engineering Day
27: Conservation of Creativity
28: Leaving
29: Loose Ends
30: Errands, Green, and Sushi

We finish the move into the new house in Boulder, Colorado, and slowly settle in with frequent excursions back into known waters. There's three snow storms in the month, some with multiple inches of snow, and lots of adjusting that has to be done to the house. Fezzik seems a lot better in the dryer climate and I gradually get acclimated.

There's one trip back for an engineering meeting that includes an extended stay in the dentist's chair to get my Maryland bridge in solidly. It's also when I finally realize that we really are moved and that Seattle is a place, now, to visit rather than live in. I have this odd feeling I might write more about Seattle, now, in fiction than in real life.

Finally we finish things off by going back to tie off all the last loose ends. We close on the house, sell the last Land Rover left and get the last of the stuff we stored at John's parents' house.

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