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August 29, 2001
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Setting Up For The Weekend

Today was a pretty typical Wednesday. Joan was able to take him today, she'd said, when she had first told us that Ray's family would be here, that she would still do the hard bits of when John and I had overlapping meetings Wednesday morning, so that was quite the relief, to actually get some time to myself.

Not that I got a lot done. That's the sad thing when most of my Wednesday morning is taken up in meetings, it's not like I can focus on doing anything, really. Someday I'm probably going to have to ask Bill if I can be excused some Wednesday morning and then I can just have four entire hours to buckle down and think and do stuff. I might have to do that before getting all the stuff together for the first big review... all of which is an aside, but a good one, all in all.

I decided that lunch at KT's would be fun as it wasn't too hot a day, today, though it was sunny and I was glad of it. Cary's family had had some nearly really bad accidents this morning, so he'd decided not to bike into work today. He's in the south side of Denver, so he takes his bike to the bus station, tucks it onto the bus and then rides from the station here in Boulder to work. He enjoys it, it's good for his attitude, and it allows him to do extra riding at lunch time. But since he didn't have his bike today he was free to have lunch with us.

Chad, Sudipto and Lynn joined us as well, and John had a great time talking with folks, too. For the first time in quite some time, I got the ribs. They were smoky and tender and really yummy. They have a really spicy dry rub on them, and that heat built, especially since the red potato mashers were pretty overtly peppered as well. The coleslaw soothed everything down a bit, which was nice, and I ate steadily away at everything. I gave John one rib, as he decided on a chicken sandwich.

It was fun to just sit in the sunshine, relax and listen to the conversations as they went by, and it was fun because I'd told everyone in the meeting that I was having lunch at KT's so even if we forgot to directly get a few folks, they all showed up themselves. John had been in a meeting when we decided to leave, but he'd seen us, and joined us when he could.

I had a cool idea on the way over and asked if everyone wanted to go to dim sum with my parents. Everyone except Lynn signed up to go, and when John arrived I asked him if Saturday would be okay, so we all decided on Saturday at 12:30, as that had been a good time for us, before. Everyone said that would be fine, so we'll all be there on Saturday. Yay!

I got home in plenty of time to get Jet from Joan's and we sat up in the office and nursed while the flow development folks talked through the cleanup and stuff they were doing. Then Jet napped while I fiddled with email and stuff.

Mom and Dad arrive tonight. John was good and checked with the airlines after Mom and Dad were supposed to have taken off, and found out that the flight that they were originally on had been cancelled. Oops. United was also lost at trying to figure out when they actually had gotten on a plane or what plane was involved, and since Mom and Dad hadn't called and Kathy hadn't called we had to pretty much assume things were okay. That was a little nerve-wracking, though not too bad. They've traveled even more than John and I have, and since they were picking up their own rental car it wasn't like we had to worry about going out to pick them up. That turned out to be very nice indeed because they didn't get into DIA until 9 or so.

In the meantime, the three of us did what we usually did. Dinner, a nice walk in the evening air, and then settled into the evening routine. Dad called right as Jet was eating his last meal, to tell us that we should just go to sleep and not worry about him and Mom. So we did go to bed when Jet was down and sleeping. John stayed up, reading, while I tried my best to go to sleep and I succeeded pretty well. I didn't know when they got in, but at the first time Jet woke up, John said that they'd gotten in safe and were downstairs.

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