Liralen's Adventure Through Life
August 2001
  1: Lucky Day
  2: Six Month Birthday
  3: Grilled Pot Roast
  4: Eating Slowdown
  5: Kid Chaos
  6: Mellower Day
  7: Nine Hour Day
  8: Fourteen Years
  9: A Cool Cooking Day
10: Shopping In Boulder
11: Boulder County Fair
12: Trying Times
13: Bleary
14: Emili, Yuri, and Cathie Arrive
15: Too Much Work And Fun With Family
16: Quiet
17: Seeing To Myself
18: Recovery Is Fun
19: Errands and Naps
20: Rick and Carla
21: Dandelion and Putt Putt Golf
22: Meeting Biohazard Madness
23: On Our Own
24: Breakfast and Birthday
25: Costco and Naps
26: Sleep, Spontaneous Raspberries and Bath
27: More Meetings
28: Portraits
29: Setting Up For The Weekend
30: Juggling While Groggy
31: Digging Ruts

A very hot summer month that was filled with lots of summer things, including various BBQ's, a trip to the county fair, and various visits by various parts of our family. All of them were mostly here to see Jet, but it was great fun to be able to visit with them, talk, and have the company in the house without having to travel all that much ourselves.

In the course of the month Jet started out sitting up really well, had a good checkup with this doctor, and then proceeded to get bigger, stronger and more mobile. He's also gotten more expressive, got to liking solid foods a whole lot more, and is nursing less. Whew. With the exception of what looks like a one or two week growth spurt, he has started to sleep better at night, with our gradual discovery of what it was that was waking him up and keeping him awake and what we could do about those factors.

It was very good to see Jet's cousins. Amazing to have known them when they were babies and to now see them growing into beautiful teenagers.

It was also very keen to have my parents over and to have them see the 'completely new baby'. It's really cool to see Jet through other people's eyes and to see how much progress he's made in even the short time that they haven't seen him. Now I know why kids seem to grow so fast to others, because a matter of a few months makes a huge difference in how much a baby can do.

I also managed to do a lot more work than I would have thought possible even a few months ago. That had both its ups and downs. We'll see how it works out in the longer run.

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