August 21, 1997

Odd what a difference there is between my reality and Argent's. I was completely exhausted before the game. Leaden exhaustion that dropped me into bed for an hour of sleep. I had gotten the easy stuff done by 5pm, so I went home and slept instead of forcing anything more from me. I could do more today, workwise, with eight hours of sleep. Only problem with the nap was that I didn't want to get up. At all. John's hamstring was bothering him so he wasn't going to play, so I didn't have to play because he was playing. But I realized that I didn't want to leave everyone else hanging because the Red Herrings were usually short, and I didn't want to leave them with only seven players again.

Note here that I really, really didn't want to play. But I did drag myself out of bed, finally, deciding that I had to, got dressed in soccer stuff, dragged Fezzik into the car and off we went after I got a tired hug from John.

John looked about as exhausted as I felt.

Then there was the game. A game I hadn't wanted to play, at all, beforehand, but one that refreshed me in ways that even sleep probably couldn't have. I remembered that getting past exhaustion is just a mental exercise, and played very well. Since I was so exhausted, I stayed back on defense all game, and just stopped attack after attack and did a lot of passing to my halfback and wing to start their attacks. It was very satisfying to be able to get it to my offense so consistantly, inside or out, as they called my name, I got it to them. The only things that reminded me of how little sleep I had gotten was the hint of a cramp in my left calf by the time the game was over, and the fact that after Argent gave up control, I nearly threw up from sheer exhaustion.

But everyone complimented me on my play. Fezzik got to run around. I kept my promise to Trip. Trip made me promise that I wouldn't break a leg, and I promised. Thing is that during one of the plays near the end of the game, I stepped in front of a girl that was crossing the ball, and she slammed into me, afterwards, and took out my left knee. Argent was not pleased and told her to have some control, even after she crumpled to the ground. Sometimes I really hate Argent... especially since he ignored both her writhing on the ground and my knee, kept up with the play, and then after the game, I could just barely walk. Though he may have been right in his estimation of her hurt because she was running around soon after with absolutely no problems.

But conversely, I felt really good about having played. My head was clearer, and I felt happier. Content after the experience, after having had made the decision to go and do. That was good.

When I got home, things were kinda foggy. But the shower felt good, and John cooked up a pot of sweet corn that his parents had dropped by and we had fresh corn for dinner. We were both so tired, we didn't even try to do anything but corn, and the first bite was eye closing delight. Sweet, crisp, juicy, the kernals were utterly perfect. I ate down two cobs and was full and we went to sleep soon after.

Even as exhausted as I was, it took me a little while to get to sleep, dreaming of the rain...

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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