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August 20, 1998
a year ago

Progress Markers

The rest of the day went very well. Even though my hands were pretty trashed, I managed to get quite a lot done. Both dictation tools enabled me the get code written and documentation finished, once I got into the groove of communicating with them in ways that they understood. The accuracy improved substantially as I remember how and what they required to produce accurate documentation. One really cool thing to remember was how well the command mode suited both coding and the Unix environment.

Friday went even better in many respects, because I was set and ready to use the tools at my disposal. The progress wasn't as steady or clear as the week before, mainly because the goals weren't as clear, and it involved the integration of old code that relied on the old architecture. So, it was much more confused than the new additions. There was a lot of compromises that had to be made in order to make the old stuff play with the new. I felt like I was wading through hip deep mud.

Each day, however, is different than the last, and it is very good for me realize the differences. To be conscious of the advances I do make. It's very easy for me to get discouraged when I don't mark my progress, especially when I'm already feeling disabled by my hands.

Thursday evening, John got me off at the house before he went back to soccer. So, I got plenty of time to just rest at home. Instead, I decided to do my knee exercises. Usually, when I do my exercises and wrists feel better because of the blood flow. My entire body gets oxygenated, and fatigue poisons get washed out of my wrists as well as the rest of my body and brain. So, I usually wake-up when I do my exercises and feel better after. This time I did feel better, but my left wrist started to burn and tingle just a bit. I wasn't quite sure how to take that, whether it was a step forward or backwards was debatable.

So, I stopped worrying about it and dealt with the fresh chicken. The Pepin videos had shown how to debone an entire chicken, so I tried it, and managed to get out all the bones except for the ones in the legs and the middle section of the wings. It wasn't because I didn't know how, it was mostly because I got tired of doing it. All the bones ended up with the onion skins, celery leaves, and a few other spices and herbs in a stock pot, all of which simmered happily while I stuffed the now flaccid chicken. It was actually much harder without the bone structure, which shouldn't have surprised me. I managed to put down one layer of cranberry almond stuffing, and then added a layer of raw, French cut, string beans on top of that and then wrestled with the entire mass to roll it up enough to tie it with the string.

I stuck the whole thing into the oven, and then went to take a shower. By the time I was done with my shower it was time to baste the roast, so I did. Then I took Fezzik for a walk around the neighborhood, which was exactly enough time for another basting. The next basting period was filled with plotting the story that I've been talking over with Eric, the one that involves Pat, Sephar, and Eduardo. I'd just found a Web page on a certain nine act plot structure, and wanted to try it out. It fit what we had already discussed, so far as plot was concerned, and lent an extra structure that was missing.

The roast turned out well.

Friday evening turned out very well. The optometrist that I had made the appointment with turned out to be very good, asking the questions I expected, and giving the additional information I needed to make the choices I needed to make.

He changed the prescription just a bit, according to parameters that I could understand. So, I much more comfortable with the lenses I have now as well as with the explanations as to why they were likely better for me. So, it looks as if I'm not only how the new supply for contact lenses but an optometrist I can trust for the long-term. I think it's going to work out.

Afterwards, John and I scrambled back to Redmond to catch the showing of Blade. Going in knowing it was a Marvel comic-based movie, I got pretty much what I expected, plus a little more. I expected lots of violence, lots of color, and mostly two-dimensional characters. I got it. What I hadn't expected was how well they conveyed the texture of what it might be like to have senses and reflexes which were greater than human. I was also very impressed with the very first fight scene, has few fight scenes actually engage my reflexes and feelings for flow through a martial arts demonstration outside of Hong Kong movies. The effects were good, and I enjoyed the music, to the point where I'll likely get the soundtrack when it comes out. It sounded like good coding music, for when I don't want to be bothered by words.

I enjoyed a greatly, even though it wasn't a great movie, it was very entertaining and just what I was in the mood for

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