Liralen's Adventure Through Life: August 1998
 1: Harstene Heaven
 3: Silence
 4: Pretty Dress
 5: Tangents
 6: Do You Love Yourself?
 7: Enjoying Summer
 8: Happy Anniversary
 9: Parting with Ghosts
10: Back to Work
11: Toothguard Adjustments
12: Phase Shifting
13: Early Morning
14: Grumpt
15: Cool, Busy Saturday
16: IKEA Frenzy
17: Ugly Day
18: Explanations
19: Growth
20: Making Headway
21: Progress Markers
22: Tea and Time
23: Lazy Sunday
24: Health Issues
25: Fixing Fezzik
26: Endloaded Day
27: The Oddities of Pain
28: Clean House
30: Decking
31: Bug Out

It started with two solid adventures into the world around me, and then led into a reconciliation with Mark and John's and my eleventh anniversary, and then went on with more work on my knee. The knee is gradually getting better, but it's a background thing compared to everything else that's been going on with the development of software before code freeze and then the reoccurance of my problems with my wrists.

The wrists started to get worse and then get better with time and effort and the right kind of exercises. Strength is better than simple usage.

Fezzik adapted pretty well to staying at home and visits folks with us and does a really good job of staying around home when we keep an eye on him. He also gets taken in for a 100,000 mile check up as he starts to look like he's slowly starting to break down, but pretty much everything gets fixed up pretty well by his vet. That is quite the relief.

The month ends on us building a deck and taking out two nasty wasp nests and getting our house painted completely. So everything outside looks nearly as neat and new as the inside was getting with all the additions and remodelling we've been doing there.

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