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August 31, 1998

Bug Out

Today has been a pretty busy day. Busy at work, and busy at home. My hands did okay after Sunday. They were tired, but it was a muscle tired, not the usual ache of tendons or the buzz of nerves being pressed by swollen tendons. So, the physical work didn't do any harm, and may even help.

There were lots of things to wade through, so it was a slow, steady process of progress.

We got home just before 6 p.m. John had had a 9 a.m. phone meeting with France, so we had had to get in early, and were able to home early because of that. The folks that were taking care of the wasps nests were still there when we got there. They had found two nests in the roof, and both of them were fairly large and nasty to remove. So, we thanked them profusely, and then John asked them about carpenter ants, and the best ways to get rid of them.

It was a pretty frighteningly huge set of nests and they'd gotten into two different walls around the bedroom. They were also of the type of wasps that ate at wallboard, so might have broken through into the house if they were allowed to go on long enough. So it was good that we caught them early. He also showed us some mud-dauber nests, where the mud-dauber had collected up a lot of spiders or other small insects into a mud mound and laid an egg underneath them so that when the egg hatched, the baby would have plenty of insects to eat. That was really weird looking.

Seems that we have a number of those little mud mounds in the garage and barn and stuff. I guess there are prices we pay living out in the woods the way we do, and part of it is a payment to all the insects around us. There are so many, and it's a steady fight against them to preserve the house and our various buildings. The exterminators had something that they could use to also help out with the ant problem we were having and it wouldn't mess with Fezzik.

As they were talking, I wandered by our back door, and found that the Republic of Teas order had arrived. I very happily opened the box, pulled out my new tea pot, and half a dozen packets of tea. One was a fruit and herb combination that would do well on ice, so I brewed that and put on ice to drink. It was tart with honey overtones and fruit undertones, citrus and berry strains that were brought out by the ice. Excellent for right before going out to do more screwing.

Yeah, the deck construction has made John and I giggle a lot over stupid jokes about screwing. There were quite a large number of screws still to be put into even the small deck, and John wanted to get the larger deck in back mostly put together before the exterminators were to come back. They had this funny solution that could be sprayed onto wood, and it would both preserve the wood and kill any ants that tried to eat it. It had to soak in, and had to be applied before the finish, so John asked them to come later on in the week. He was going to take off a day and try to finish the back deck before they came.

I finished the front deck, after putting a frozen lasagna in the oven. While John went up to shower, I put some bread into the oven as well. By the time he was done, the bread was hot and the lasagna was bubbling. So, we had dinner around 8:30, and went to sleep after watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Looks like the new season starts at the end of September. That will be fun to see. I still have to mail the first three tapes to Mark sometime, so that he and Jenn can catch up as well.

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