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December 24, 2001
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Jet Meets Singer and Christmas Eve

5:50 pm: Today, Jet got to see Jon Singer for the first time. So Jet knows Jon Singer even before his first year.

Jet also slept from 9 to 9, with a few ups, but the extra time really made it so that we all got to catch up from the last couple of weeks. That was really nice and during breakfast Singer called to see if we could meet up for lunch. We had to do a bunch of things during the morning, including getting the DVD of Jurassic Park III back to the rental store, getting more dried cranberries for the red cabbage salad, heading to a sports store to see if they had something that Sears couldn't deliver until the end of January, and feeding Jet.

We found a cool place to stop near the restaurant, and Jet got a nap and a nursing before we headed to Sushi Zen-Mai. Turns out they were closed, but Singer, Jackie and a friend of their showed up soon after and Jackie, being the native guide, found a Himalayan restaurant with an excellent Indian food buffet only two blocks away.

It was so neat to see Singer again. He gave us a wonderful little bowl with a black glaze that had glints of gold, blue, and even red through it. He also loaned us a book that he'd read on the plane, and had marked passages that he thought were wrong, but he believed the book itself to be quite entertaining. I also managed to get his East Coast address, to send him a card and return the book when we were done with it. Singer was fascinated by Jet, and got to carry him from our original meeting place to the restaurant. Jet was fascinated by the facial hair, the variety of expressions, and enjoyed the ride immensely, bouncing and patting Singer with his hands.

Lunch started with Jet being his usual quiet self, absorbed with his squid and a few other toys. Jackie asked me if he was usually that quiet and placid and I said, no he's not usually placid, but he can be very quiet if he's got something to interest him. I said that he was quiet enough that I'd taken him to some really nice restaurants, like the Dandelion. Of course, as the course of the lunch went on, Jet eventually got bored with the toys we'd given him, with the food he wasn't all that hungry for, and ended up just crying for a little while. Eventually he worked through it, however, and was happy as anything when we walked back out the door.

Jon gave Jet a really cool cable cuff, it's basically a plastic handcuff that was intended to keep cables neatly grouped. It's fast, solid, and easy to release and bright neon in color. So Jet was fascinated by it for a long time, and really enjoyed the taste of it as well. Jon said it was a gift of the Joss Institute, and gave it to Jet with a grin.

It was really cool, but every once in a while Singer would look at Jet and then give me this huge grin. It was fun to see the simple existence of Jet gave Singer some pause for astonishment and happiness. That was just really neat, a reflection of what I sometimes feel on looking at the simple fact of Jet's existence, when I can get around the whole day to day reality of dealing with all the things that need doing.

We said our good-byes as they set off to do some shopping in Boulder. Jon said he might join us for dim sum on Thursday, so we'll get to see more of him. Yay!

After getting home, both Jet and I took a little nap. Tired. John and I had talked about going to a UCC church for Christmas Eve service, and he found that there was a UCC in Longmont, and they were having a children's pageant at 7 and a contemporary service at 7:30. So we planned to get there early for the 7:30 service.

We got there only a bit after 7, and they'd just started the pageant. They'd filled less than half the pews and had a very cleaver setup that made sure that the front pews filled up first. They actually had ropes across the empty pews in back, and would only move them back when a pew had filled. So they were all filling from the front to the back.

The back part of the church was filled with families with other babies and kids that weren't in the pageant. It was an impressive number of kids, and Jet was fascinated by all the kids that were there. He wanted down on to the ground so that he could go over and introduce himself. He was content, for a little while, to watch the pageant from my lap, but eventually he really, really, really wanted to get on the ground and play with someone. John took him to the back of the sanctuary first, but then I took my turn as well.

Jet and I met up with Wyatt and his mom. Turns out, remarkably, that Wyatt was born only three days after Jet. Wyatt was, however, a fair bit larger than Jet. Wyatt also had a nine-year-old brother, so he was quite willing to be significantly more aggressive in his desire to play with Jet. Turns out that John and Jet had met them before, and this time Wyatt and Jet were sitting across from each other and Wyatt decided to tackle Jet. He actually knocked Jet over backwards and Jet's head hit the carpeted concrete floor. Oops.

Poor babies. I picked up Jet and went into what looked like a back room, which actually lead to the 'Quiet Room' where parents could bring kids to play during the service. There was a speaker that piped in the service and the room was fairly sound proof, so while Jet cried, no one could hear him outside. I cuddled him and bounced him and eventually he got fascinated enough by all the other kids and toys that were in the room that he forgot to cry anymore.

One of the things there was Jet's exercise saucer, but this one actually had the water toy still intact and with water in it instead of dried up like Jet's was. Jet was utterly fascinated. He pulled himself up and stood by it and watched it for a good ten minutes, walking around with it when another girl started turning the saucer around. There was a six-month-old girl sitting in the saucer itself, which Jet peered at, patted a few times, and then ignored. She ignored him as well. Jet then cheerfully chased a six-year-old girl across the room and tried playing with the same toy she was playing with.

It was pretty cool back there. Lots of stuff to play with and lots of kids for Jet to interact with. I was surprised, a little, by how gentle Jet really is compared to some of the other kids. He is inquisitive and willing to go up to other kids, but he's mildly cautious about touching them and doesn't seem to start of by hitting them or knocking anyone over. He can be mildly insistent about looking at something, or pulling himself up on someone in order to see something, but he's not bad about it.

I was impressed.

The service itself was pretty interesting. John and I traded off between some carols, and he went back to the quiet room as well and got Jet changed out of a pretty wet diaper. We also fed him a bottle of water at the two hour mark after I'd fed him. Jet drank as much as he wanted and then started squirting water out. With my silk jacket and Jet's velvet outfit, I was glad that it was just water and not formula.

The service itself was very comfortable for me. It was UCC style, with the openness that I was used to from that denomination. The Hamilton's church had been very welcoming last year, but the creeds and the general messages were far more restrictive than I was comfortable with, so this year felt much more comfortable. We were also welcomed here, and it was just nice to see and hear a lot that was familiar again. The congregation is also open and affirming and they seem to have an open and affirming lay leader that has been willing to take the leadership role in defining what it means for the congregation and has actually made constructive programming for the gay, lesbian and bi section of the congregation. that's pretty cool.

Walking the walk.

We went home and I felt pretty good about it all. I was very glad we went.

I also made sticky roll dough before the service and when we came home and got Jet into bed, I ground the cinnamon, made the caramel topping, chopped the nuts, rolled the dough, shaped the rolls, and put them in the fridge. They'll be breakfast tomorrow. In a way it may well be the start of a new tradition. It would be fun to always have pecan sticky rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning, making the dough and the rolls the night before around the Christmas Eve service.

The rolls take a little while to bake in the morning, so there's time to do stuff while they bake. We still have to figure out what we want to do in the morning of Christmas day. We still have a little time to work it out as it's not going to be something Jet gets until at least next year, if not the year after.

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