Liralen's Adventure Through Life
December 2001
  1: Baby Progress
  2: Much Needed Humidity
  3: Minor Miracle
  4: Self-Feeder
  5: Working At Work
  6: Toys For Tots
  7: Hungry Boy and A Bad Back
  9: I Think I'm Live!
10: Content
11: Growth Spurt and First Tooth
12: One Layer Peeled Away
13: Google and Grocery Run
14: Work and Casa de Mina
15: Walt and Cathie at DIA
16: Christmas Shopping and Crab
17: Grumpy Monday
18: Happier Jet, Sadder Teeth
19: Jet At Work
20: Party At The Rio
21: Jet's First Movie (Monsters Inc.)
22: Quiet, Happy Day With A Roast
23: Cooking And Cleaning
24: Jet Meets Singer and Christmas Eve
25: Christmas Day
26: Boxing Day Feast
27: Dim Sum and Singer
28: A Day Off
29: Quietly At Home
30: The Fellowship Of The Ring
31: A Cross-Country Skiing Adventure

A kind of discombobulated month. Lots of things going in all different directions. Jet grows far more mobile, expressive, and independent. John and I decide that we, as a family, need to stay home for Christmas and the holidays and all the repreccusions of that decision.

We figure a few things out so far as self-care goes. We figure out Jet's diaper rash and how to actually get him comfortable again. We figure out how to use the humidifier that Mom and Dad gave us, and it, along with a house humidifier that John gets, makes a world of difference. We get to see John's brother Walt and his wife at DIA.

Then the holidays themselves hit, and it's good. It's fun, it's relaxing, it's comfortable, and it's just us and we learn a lot of stuff and have fun with a lot of friends that are right here. It's good. Singer, however, comes and I'm surprised, and very pleased and it is very, very good to see him and talk with him. Jet and Jon get along quite well, it's a very good thing. Then Walt and Cathie find the time and the effort to take the eight hour drive up here, and we have a lot of fun with them. That's good, too.

I get to see the Tolkien movie and approve, and the old year goes out with an exhausting but really good day out in the snow in the mountains here. I may well learn how to love this place, or maybe it's just seeping into my bones.

Yay! 2001 has ended! It's been really cool with Jet's birth and all the things we've done with him. But there were a lot of things that I'm glad are over.

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