December 5, 1997

When the car has no roof and you have to scrape the frost from the windshield, you have to do it both on the inside and the out. It's really cold out. Clear and brilliant, too, with a sky a powder blue behind trees lit in the low glow of the winter light. Winter, it is. Starting to be, at least. Sometimes I'm sure that simply standing out on the sidelines in this kind of cold is going to lose me weight or something.

Last night it was so cold that running out to the hot tub was just painful, and then that agonizing shock of getting into water so hot, my half frozen feet were flinching badly with the huge change in temperature, convinced that they were being asked to be boiled, and with the wind and air so cold that my body was yelling both at staying out of the water and at trying to go into that heat. It was a lovely chaotic sensation moment. I was also swearing every second as I lowered myself into the intense heat of the hot tub, and finally settled, still swearing, in the depths until my body finally started to adjust. Goodness, that was *good*.

Then I looked up.

The stars were out in all their glory. The sky so clear we could see the the Milky Way and clusters and groups of stars we don't normally get to see. The younger moon along with the clear sky served to bring to focus every sparkle and every dot of light. Since we're so far out in the woods, we normally get to see stars, but to have them *that* thick was just astonishing. So I lay back and watched the stars.

Life continues to surprise me. To delight me in other ways.

Raven surprised me. In particular. I hadn't known where he was or where he was walking. It's good to know. I knew he was on a journey, and it's good that he, too, now knows the strength of what his friendships are. Reminded me of what it felt like when I'd been hit with the layoff for a bit. Hurts still do hurt.

I'm glad he found what he needed. It's going to be an interesting friendship. And the winter's just started.

He's also right about Paul.

It's also cool to see Cera meet John M. Ford's work. John M. Ford is probably my favorite author in the whole world. Oddly enough, even though I've read so much and of so many whom are good, if I had to pick one favorite, it would be him.

Spending most of today just checking off lists, it's a lot easier to just get through a bunch of things when it's a list that can be scribbled off as its done. An odd psychological crutch, but one that works out well, and is quite enjoyable. Mostly just verification of things other people fixed, so it's kinda keen. The nasty multi-layered, maze from hell bug of yesterday is now history. Heh. It was kinda fun figuring out why bugs are nastier now than they were, and talked it over with the tooMUSH guys and it had mostly to do with the mazes being nastier, on the whole.

Of course, after the brain stretch, all I dreamed about, last night, was code. At least I'm not dreaming *in* code again. There was a stretch, once when I was dreaming in C++, with the flow of the dream itself split among instantiations of things in motion with methods that worked as verbs of sorts. There was a German exchange student that John had once hosted and the night when he first dreamed in English was a triumph for him, as it indicated, to him, that his mind had encompassed the language well enough to allow him to dream in it.

Does dreaming in C++ really mean I know the language?

*chuckle* Or does it just make me a hopeless geek girl? *grin*

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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