December 4, 1997


It's about 8pm, and I've been sticking around to fix a bug and John's been around to finish some stuff, and I'm *hungry*.

Last night's game was another doozy. But we had four subs to start! Just like the other team! Kinda keen, but it turned out that the ladies on our side that were subbing in didn't play defense with much... uhm... I dunno... the same thing that made me run when I didn't have to, I guess. The two ladies that were playing back also just disappeared after the half. It was also the simple fact that with all the new people, nearly half the Red Herrings were people that had never played together. The other team scored four goals in a rush, while I was still on the sideline. Oddly enough I went in at halfback and they scored another or something, so, by that time it just wasn't really anything salvageable.

But by the second half I moved back to full-back and it was a new guy named Ken back there along with either Mike, John, or Patrick, all of whom I'd played with before. Erin moved back to keeper. Michelle also moved so that she was right in front of me at half-back instead of all the way up at wing, and with the people around me that I was used to. It amazed me what a difference it made.

I also learned something fairly important: I can only see what's in my field of vision.

So when I'm concentrating on the ball, I am used to depending on my teammates to tell me what's going on, elsewhere and a lot of the information simply comes from the positioning of their voices. Especially Erin, who talks constantly, in part to tell us where he thinks we should be, but it serves very, very well as a clear marker as to where the goal is, so I don't ever have to even look back when he's back there. I can always position myself between the opposing player and the goal simply because of his voice. Something I was very conscious of missing when the new keeper was in the goal and not telling me much.

In many ways I was amazed by how much information I could get from the teammates that I was used to, and just how much information I had about where they would be and what they would do in countless situations. Michelle is always good about fading out to the outsides the minute we get control of the ball, so I found myself, even blindly, kicking it to the outside and getting it to her. Eric is always hanging out in an interesting position in the center, so if I just glance to see purple/pink/red in that general direction, I can usually find him and get him a pass, immediately. There were a number of times when we were up for a corner kick, they'd try to clear it out and I got to the ball in time to just pass it easily up to an offensive setup because of knowing where people would be.

It also turned out that I found out that the rest of the defensive line trusted me to do a lot more than even I really thought I could or should do; but that it also worked out. There was one amazing instance where Mike swept up to take on a breakaway, the guy got around him, and thought he had a clear run to the goal. Because Mike delayed him a little, I was able to get back in time, to intercept what was a too-long dribble by the guy. I cocked my leg as if to give it a real blast, and the guy flinched off the ball. So I just touched it away from him, inside, and then took it up and passed it to our wing. And all the time Erin didn't call for the ball, so I knew that I had to take it. What he doesn't say told me as much as what he did, so that was really nice to know.

The Libran reading ended up working really well. For some reason I was always in the right place at the right time, that second half, including another of those 'back foot in just the right place at the right time' stops between two of their players. That was interesting to have happen twice in three days.

It was good to know that I played well again. Even in a lost cause. We did score the second half, so we won the second half, once the defensive line had settled down, but... it was a bit late.

Work today has been pretty crazy. Nice, in some ways. It's always good to get things Done, though... especially hard things done. Near code freeze, it's always the hardest and nastiest and most deeply buried bugs that get left because the easy ones get knocked off pretty quickly, and my brain now feels kinda stretched by the one that's kept me here late. It's now also filled with test plans, training materials, schedules, and verification lists. Amazing how much it really takes.

A nice new adventure has been writing a lot to William Shiloh Danan, who has been fun to explore thoughts with. History as well and stories of all sorts.

I've missed my time on tooMUSH with the Horde, haven't gotten there nearly as much or as often what with the push at work, and it's nice to spend a little extra time with Trip and Chrisber and Bryant after hours just talking and being around.

Makaibari Estates makes some really awesome Darjeeling... I need to get more of this stuff. It's light, sharp, nearly citrus, clear and clean in taste.

Time to go home and find something to eat...

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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