December 11, 1997


Hrm. Life. Last two days. Kit and her Ted were supposed to appear last night, but left a message saying that they had to book by car, so were driving on north to Alaska. Promised a trip especially to See Me sometime, so that's okay. It's getting to be a bit of a habit for them to have to get somewhere right when they might see me, but they're good about leaving messages, so I don't mind too much. I expect Kit'll make good on her promise.

Trip has been sold to a company on contract that makes it impossible for him to appear, so I miss him on too.

And Raven's been a blast to talk with. Fun, articulate, and thought provoking as well as traveling along some of the lines I've established after Mark. It's good to have someone to bounce balance off of and think some of it through. The mirror to mirror image amuses me quite a lot and the similarities and such are happily astonishing.

Work's happily busy. Mostly mindless detail work, now, so it's good. Leaves my brain free for story stuff, and I'm finally getting around to reshaping the beginning of Faber's story after Caliah's encounter with him. I've written the end of the story already, and had a beginning that was all blunt and wrong, so rewrote it, and am now tackling the middle and an In Nomine style Ofanite of Novalis, who is just a blast and working in a soup kitchen.

Hah. And the cold got burnt out by soccer last night. Such joy to be able to breathe again.

The game was fun and solid and bruising, as usual. I took one kicked ball right on the right eye. Both the ref and John thought I'd probably have a shiner, but I didn't, though I'm a little swollen under the eye. Have a nice swollen bit on the outside of my right knee that really make jeans hard to wear, so I came to work in Big Dog shorts again. It was the Red Herrings team, with new people. Hrm... I just added stuff to my soccer teams page.

But there were actually five women last night, which was nice. And Jojo did a great job on the outside wing, and almost got a couple of goals. We scored four in the first half, and then settled back, allowed people to go up front that didn't normally get there. Jeff and I did a good job in the back line until I got whacked. They scored one goal while I was on the sideline, then another. So I went back in, but Jojo told me to go up, as I still was a little blurry and she'd continue to take care of the backline... and then they scored their third. *sigh* I could finally see again, so I went back to the back line and then the game was over.

The ref complimented me on my defense. That amused me. He's also the same ref that, when I'm swearing my head off, runs by telling me to stop panicing, I can get there. I halfway want to start swearing at him, then, but it makes me laugh too hard.

"I'm not panicing, I'm just pissed off!!"

Fun, fun, fun... it actually was quite fun. Got into a few plays where the guy ran around three of our guys, but they delayed 'em enough that I could just whack the ball away. Whee... they tried, also, to put their fastest guy on my side, and I figure out distances, though, at half-time, John said that at first stop, I was at good distance, but then they were creeping towards me to get close enough to take that step around me. Mike showed me a very good move, to run towards the *inside* when they went around me on the outside, gave me an extra stop and step in the latter half when I thought it through and used it.

*happy sigh*

It's always fun to get set into a situation where there's only the moment. Nothing but what's right in front of me, and I can deal with it. Split second decisions and no doubt, no fear. It's cool. And, better yet, as usual, it seems that the intense physical exertion from soccer burned my cold out again. So the cold's gone for a while.

Yay! Trip got to visit for a while! I'm happy again.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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