December 12, 1997

It takes a fairly determined laziness to miss dawns in Seattle. Especially in December, because the sun doesn't really come up until about 8am. It was clear this morning, but for ground covering fog, so we drove in in the Stoat, with fur hats and big coats but John was still wearing his shorts.

I was wearing shorts yesterday, and we went to dinner at Nara in Redmond, which is a nice little Japanese restaurant with reputedly great sushi. They do really good food in general as well. The secondary sushi chef used to work in Okinawa. So it shouldn't have surprised me too much when most of the wait staff and the chef all suddenly spoke clear, precise Mandarine. It did disillusion me just a little, but the food, as always made up for it.

I had unaju, which is basically a slab of teriyaki unagi (freshwater eel) on rice with a bit of yellow pickle and teriyaki sauce. It was tender, perfect, the skin just crisp around the edges. Lovely. John's chicken katsu and gyoza were perfect as well, crisp and hot and greaseless. A very nice dinner.

As we were walking out, a woman took one look at me, in my shorts and just whooped at me, and went, "WOW! You're wearing *shorts*!" I just grinned and said, "Yup." though I kinda wanted to say, "Well, yeah, otherwise, I'd be out in this cold in nothing but my underwear. And that would be *cold*!"

I don't regret not having said it.

Paul's thoughts about snow amused me greatly. Turns out that snow's as infrequent here, in Seattle, as it is in Texas. If it snows at all, everything shuts down in a complete panic. But I really don't know if people go around putting flyers on every door when the weather dips below freezing. We actually get mid-30's pretty frequently, and freezing temps on cold, clear nights. Just rarely a combination of cold and precip.

Also had some time to update my people pages, and I was amused to find myself added to Raven's People's page the same day that I added him to mine. Synchronicity is always an amusing thing.

Had a hard time getting up this morning. The cold sunk back in for a bit, and I think I need more sleep. Work's simple. So I'm getting through stuff quickly. John was nice and made me some pu-erh tea this morning, and I forgot my travel mug at work, so just put a piece of plastic over a normal mug, poked a hole in it to drink from and had a kind of travel mug. Only the plastic kinda did the capillary thing, and my mug eventually started to drip tea.

Got it to work okay, though, and enjoyed it for the morning.

The hot tub was another small riot last night. It was very nice, though, when the senses calmed down and we just soaked deeply into the heat. Or it soaked into us. It's fun to just watch the world with John, and we talked and laughed and giggled into bed, and we ticked each other and tangled up and snuggled up and talked some more. Sometimes it's like always having a slumber party with John, when it's like being able to talk in bed until all hours and no Mom to stop us.

Only it gets really hard to get up the next morning. *laughter* I think John wears shorts some days just so that the cold will keep him awake. He also called me a basset hound last night, said I was incredibly good at looking sleepy, tired, droopy and grumpy when I wanted to. I think he's right.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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