December 16, 1997

Traffic north on 405 on a rainy day in Seattle from Renton to Bellevue just *sucks* *rocks*. And I was in the middle of it going, "Man, I just made a hell of a mistake." I'd just dropped Fezzik off at the Ceder River Animal Hospital and was going to work to pick things up from there, get through mail, phone mail messages and other things, and it was just crazy...

I'm still in a half panic as I'm parked in a wierd place because all the slots get taken by late in the morning, and I should probably run out, soon to get the heck out of here.

What adds a degree of terror to the whole thing is that I'm in glasses. The main reason is that I got an eyeful of mud last night, during the game and the grit still hasn't quite cleared out. And grit and a contact do not mix at all. It's painful. So I'm in *glasses* and half terrified from the loss of peripheral vision and the fact that they're so thick that if they're off at all, the colors on a monitor seperate. Grrr...

I really should have that radial-karatotmy thing done. Then I just wouldn't have to worry about not being able to see.

I'm always this way before travelling, once I'm actually at the gate and checked in, I calm down enough to sleep, and when I'm there, all's copecetic, mostly because there's nothing more I can do. Beforehand, there are the thousands of possibilities fo what I might have forgotten. Or what I really might not need.

The game, by the way, was played in the rain that rained all day yesterday and today and is still raining, so the Marymoore fields were like soggy cereal set on rocks. So it was likely a good thing Raven couldn't make it as it would have made for a *miserable* game to watch, what with the wind and the rain just slicing through. I have no idea if we won or lost or what... it was just gross and ugly and muddy and slippery and... I dunno. As a child I never really got to play in the mud, so it was actually a lot of fun once I got splashed pretty good, then I could slog about in the mud and splash about all I wanted. That was kinda fun. *grin*

It was fun to sympathize with the ref, though.

Mud in the eye. Man, I hope it's cleared out by now.

I'm off...

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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