December 15, 1997

Oh, oops.

Not yet. John and I aren't gone yet. It's not until later this week, the bit about us being gone was mostly because a few people wrote while I was gone to Albuquerque, asking if something was the matter, because I'd been so religious about updating my journal frequently. So I thought I'd give them an ease before leaving, this time, rather than just going suddenly silent.

I blame my brain...

It's mostly fried after having done a morning's worth of deaconing and then a full day's work afterwards before dinner. We ended up doing crab cakes an coleslaw and some semi-stale bread. Better to use up what we can from the fridge before wandering away. Saturday night, Regis was good to us and got us to actually get away and eat dinner at Frankie's, which is a good Italian place in Redmond, and then go see Scream2. I agree with Paul Knappenberger, one of the things wrong with it was that Buffy died, but then everyone could see that from a mile away, so it's not really a spoiler.

I hate horror movies. Don't get me wrong, it was actually very well done, and pretty entertaining, but the problem with horror movies of all sorts is that my brain runs over time on them. You see, the problem is that my instinctive reaction to someone hitting me with a knife, and leaving it, even for a second, is to grab the knife, and even if the original cut was supposed to be fatal, and bury it deep in them. It's not to scream, it's not fear, it's pure, roaring rage that comes up when I'm threatened. And I've shaken to that feeling a few times too often to *like* doing it, any more than I *like* the just a tad slower reflex feeling I get from nearly any amount of alcohol.

I can do it. I just don't *like* it. So... I mostly dreamed about self-defense positions, the defensibility of the house, what I could do if Fezzik ever sounded like he was in trouble downstairs. Didn't help that it then pulled in older thoughts for the one time someone told me that if they were in town unannounced, they were probably there to kill me. That just made me growl and get security.

So it took me a while to sleep. So I am still kinda tired. And, okay, so the house is completely defensible, now, even if the people coming in had guns, but that isn't something that a dreaming brain remembers.

Raven got me to giggle this morning, so deserves a mention. *grin* But will likely not get to see soccer or come visit until after my trip. Ah well. Then he also helped, gently, in the delicate operation of getting my brain working again and unfried with judicious application of understanding laughter. Thank you. It's good to feel safe.

Work's been easier today. Stuff I get to bring with me tomorrow, and there's a List of To-Do's that I get to check off. Life simplifies, greatly when it's check-off time.

I only have to debate whether or not to bring down one of my teapots and tea as well. My main problem would be finding boiling water. I am tempted to do like Kelly J.'s friend did, which is built up a foam filled metal briefcase with bunson burner, flasks, tea, water, and measuring devices. It would all be protected then, and it would be great to have Real Boiling Water. So probably best not to disappoint myself.

Ah. Packing. And soccer *and* the dog. Whee...

I'm off.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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