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December 9, 1998
a year ago

Getting Back

Simple day today, compared to all the others, in some ways. Harder in others. Realized that I have a whole list of medical things that I want to take care of, and that I wasn't getting anywhere with them. Along with a list of things that I had to do for my life that I wasn't getting anywhere with. So I wrote them all down and started to check some of them off, or at least take the first few steps to get them rolling.

Victor's was fun, Jeannie admired my new coat, the coffee drink got my brain started, and I closed the door to my office and called Dr. Snyder's to get all the appointments made for getting a new toothguard. It's a bad time of year, with all the vacations and they miraculously got me an appointment tomorrow morning. I'm going to have to bring my checkbook and pay them the bits that the insurance didn't pay for my checkup. I am very glad I never threw out Dr. Vicker's toothguard, now. Then I called the Orthopedic place and the lady in charge of braces doesn't work Wednesdays, but she'll be in tomorrow. So I get to take care of that. Then I spent the rest of the morning reading code for the afternoon review.

Lunch was a the Taquaeria de Gallo, and I ordered El Gallo burrito with chicken (which seems utterly redundent to me), and it was lovely and hot and I could only eat half. The other half will be lunch tomorrow. Peggy and Ray got to ride in the Passat and Peggy had fun. John drove happily.

The afternoon was mostly taken up with the code review and design review all rolled into one, which made it get really confusing. Especially since it was of code that was already written, and most of the questions the writer had was about design rather than the code itself. So it got really unfocused and after two hours we kinda gave up and set up some goals at the design level of interfaces that the main questions brought up. If we actually go back and solve that problem, then most of that code is going to have to be rewiritten to meet it. Which wouldn't be all that much at the interface level, but the implementation level is likely going to get stirred tremendously.

Sometimes I wish that all our engineers would do a design review before writing, rather than some only submitting to a design review only after writing and the code has become somewhat a de facto correct thing in that 'it works so why change it?'.

Anyway. A fairly simple day.

Grey day, cool day, and my skin feels like it's finally getting enough moisture. I took a shower in the morning, and when John rubbed lotion into my back, my skin just soaked it up so fast it was crazy. The Body Shop's nut butter, which Kathy gave me, was helping the skin on the backs of my hands heal; but I'm running out. I should probably get some more of that stuff, or maybe the mango or avocado.

Nice to be home again, with the misting waters.

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