Liralen's Adventure Through Life
December 1998
 1: Komarr
 2: Old Tireds and New Tires
 9: Getting Back
10: Toothguard
13: Deaconing Weekend
14: Going Public
15: Logistics
16: Packing
21: Agggh!
22: Terminated
23: New Start

Sometime: Some Times

A very, extremely busy month, amply demonstrated by the lack, complete lack, of journal entries. John and I weren't home an entire week for the entire month. Way too many things were happening, and we also were looking for constructive ways to stay out of the semi-destructive path of some of the folks at church for the first part of the month. So we traveled, in earnest.

Albuquerque where the balloon festival didn't fly, but we did catch up on our sleep. It was restful, interesting, and informative in the news that hit us in the middle of the month, which was that Xilinx Inc. was buying out Minc Inc.'s technical assets, which included us. They wanted everyone to move to Colorado and gave everyone good reasons to do so.

But I couldn't do it without seeing the city first. Getting a good feel for what it is... so we flew off to do that.

Then we flew to my folks' house in San Diego and enjoyed much of the Christmas vacation there, and planned to just rest for the rest of it. We got ambushed by many nasty microscopic nasties and both fell sick for the new year. Woohoo... nothing like a good case of 'remember what's important' to start a new year.

Breathing is good.

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