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December 26, 1999
two years ago

Lazy Day After

I didn't get up until about 10 a.m., which was far too late to get Fezzik over to Marshall Mesa. He had also been so tired last night that I really didn't think he'd be ready to go and play his brains out, but he woke up relatively early and whimpered at our door until John let him out. John got up then, but I went right back to sleep. For some reason I've been more exhausted lately than usual. I never really seem to be getting enough sleep.

Anyway... I woke up somewhat late, and decided that since I wasn't going to be walking Fezzik up and down the Mesa, that I might as well get some time in on the exercise bike. The amusing thing is that I set up a couple of Yukon potatoes to boil before I started the bike because I knew that they'd take about twenty minutes to cook. So I got on the bike, set it up and went. I can't seem to get the heart monitor thingy to work nearly as well as John does. There might be some combination of how hard it presses and how wet it gets or something, but I don't really need it. I just want to work out a bit for a while, so I just set it on the random course and let it go. I like the variations in difficulty and I don't have to set it very high to get my heart rate up.

So I had a good twenty minutes of that and when I was done the potatoes were done, too. So I chopped the last of the green pepper and some onions and sauteed them until they were really fragrant. I then added chopped turkey, the potatoes in fairly thin slices and half a handful of chives. The whole mass then cooked for a while and I served John half, which he promptly smothered with hot sauce, and I cooked an over easy egg that I plopped on mine. Yum. It was a really solid breakfast.

From there, we took Fezzik for a walk to the Goodell's to return their mashed potato pot, which they'd left last night. They live about a mile and a half away, which is a fair distance, but since it was so flat, it didn't seem nearly the distance the mesa's path seemed to be. Fezzik took it well, and I wasn't hurting when we got there. It was fun to sit and talk with them for a while, but then we learned that they were going to go see Toy Story 2. We had to get back home, but then we said that we'd meet them at the theater, if they liked. So we quick stepped back and it took almost 30 minutes, so it might have been further than I thought. Still, we managed to get back, leaving an exhausted Fezzik to lie on his snow patches, and we then hurried to the theater.

We got there just in time to get a whole row of seats in the absolute back of the theater, it was actually really crowded, still. I hadn't thought that there would still be so many people coming to watch it, after it had been out several weeks, but there they all were, filling the tiny theater. The good luck was that we were all able to sit together. The movie was great. I loved it. The animation is decisively better than the previous version and the storyline was just as fun. I really liked that.

When we got out, the sky was darkening and we headed home. On the way we stopped by the grocery store to get a few things. With all the leftovers, I wanted to do something more interesting than just another turkey dinner. There was also the whole pot of turkey stock I'd left in the garage for the last few days that I really had to deal with. I had John pour about two-thirds of the contents into another pot, and then put a fire under both pots after skimming off a lot of the turkey fat that was in the pot. They needed to reduce to actually concentrate the flavor that they had. It would also make it easier to store them. After about twenty minutes of boiling off they'd both lost about a quarter of their volume. I chopped celery, carrots and onion and sauteed them until they were fragrant, added a spoonful or two of flour, sauteed that for a few minutes before adding what clear stock I could from the big stock pot. I stirred the stock in and it thickened a little from the flour. Then added two chopped potatoes and covered them with the last of the big stock pot's stock and I let them cook for a good twenty minutes.

The leftover turkey was a huge mound of cooked meat, so I got out the foil and a few freezer bags and I put two-person servings into foil pouches that I could then seal and stuff into the freezer bags. They should do well in the long term with that kind of packaging. I put all but four servings into freezer packing and John was great and stuffed the foil packages into the freezer bags and then found room for them in the freezers. The meat for the soup I then chopped up and when the potatoes were tender, John got out the immersion blender and pureed the veggies and then he put the meat into the soup along with a couple handfuls of sweet corn. Pepper, salt, and parsley were all thrown in to taste and then an egg that we'd accidentally cracked at the store got scrambled and dropped into the soup to add a bit of egg drop goodness to it. I also added about six drops of Tobascco just to give it a little zing. John got going with garlic and butter and made garlic bread. Yum.

Cooking is fun with John, 'cause I can tell him what to do and he does it to the best of his ability and it's easy and quick. The soup turned out delicious, thick and tasty with turkey and the veggies. The Tobascco couldn't really be tasted as anything except some spice to the whole. It turned out really good, and really good feeling for the cold day. Yay!

We then just sat around and watched Sunday Night football. John fell asleep on the couch and I felt like doing that. I didn't figure it out until later, but I guess all the exercise of the day really helped get the sleep to be thorough. By the time we made it into bed we were both so tired that we just fell asleep instantly. I dreamed odd dreams of hallways of cooked turkey that had to be carefully prepared and packed as part of a contest to see who could cook the most flavorful meat in the largest volume. That was weird.

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