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December 27, 1999
two years ago

Working at Home

It seems very appropriate to be playing NPR on a radio that uses no power other than sunshine and my own arms. I really, truly love my battery-less radio because it is so straightforward and simple and complete in and of itself. There isn't a lot in the world that just works without outside help or powers that one depends on. Amusing to think that my entertainment simply doesn't depend on anything other than what someone else wants to broadcast and go to the trouble of broadcasting. It also amuses me to realize that I can't even believe in a world where at least radio didn't work.

It seems so basic.

At the other end of it all, there is all the news about the Shuttle landing. I hope that they do well, and that there really isn't a problem with the Y2K things. They did run into a lot of trouble, though, with the equipment this time around. I wonder how much of that is because NASA has gone private and how much of that is because that they're actually trying new things. The whole concept of the amateur scientist fascinates me, that folks might actually be trying to do this kind of thing on their own budgets. Given how much government is stepping out of those kinds of exploration, there might only be the possibility of private industry stepping in for that kind of thing. That might be very sad indeed.

Hee. And back to low-tech again, as the heat turns off in the house. Decided I could probably do just fine with a sweatshirt, the sunshine and my new slippers, which are shearling lined and very, very warm and nice.

Coding happens. It's funny how much of it I get done at home, compared to work. It's just really weird because it's the same amount of time, but I guess the quality of my concentration is very different. It's very nice to just sit and think things through and then write them down and make them all play together nicely.

The only bad things about working at home is that Fezzik knows that I'm here, and that's not all bad. It just means that he bangs on the door until I let him in and then he follows me up to the study to lie on my feet and snooze while I work. Sometimes he grumbles and sighs and shifts and I think about him for a little or just go and pet him or hug him while I'm thinking about something else. Maybe it's really Fezzik who is making coding so much easier when I'm home! Something calming about his influence just lets me go and do the next step without worrying too much about the long-term. Dogs live in the now very well.

I worked until John got home and we had leftover turkey dinner for dinner. Turkey, gravy and dressing along with fresh salad and nuked tender peas. The microwave did all the work and that was very nice. A delicious dinner in just a few minutes and I knew everything that went into it and what didn't go into it as well. I think that that is one of the main reasons I do make the effort to cook as often and as much as I do.

The shuttle landed safely. That's good, too. Another non-event that turns out well before the turn-over. Everyone is now saying that the turn-over will be a non-event and are lamenting all the doomsayers who predicted doom and who made a ton of money off the gullible. Well, who gave them all that money? I certainly didn't.

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