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February 11, 2001
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Due Date

Today was a little rough after the party last night, as Jet was up for a good four hours last night. John and I swapped off a few times and I forgot to ask if John fed him the extra bottle we'd pumped earlier in the evening. I thought he already had and Jet was ravenous and still hungry even after I breastfed him and I was almost in despare when John, half asleep asked if I'd fed him the bottle. John was a sweety and fed him the bottle while I slept and then we all slept until about 10.

What a great baby.

I got up at 9 to eat myself some breakfast, and get some more liquids into me eventhough I felt really groggy. Milk production was pretty good in the morning. Jet got to eat off my breast for a while, and when I pumped I got more than 2 ozs. So I saved one and a quarter for tonight, and we fed Jet the other. I then went back to bed and napped for two hours before getting up to ride the exercise bike.

I was a little leery of sitting on my stitches, but it worked out pretty well, and I actually managed thirty minutes on the bike that really helped me feel a lot better. That surprirsed me. John got his chance at the bike and a shower while I fed Jet, pumped and got it into him.

Lunch was a bit late after that, and John made grilled cheese sandwiches and we had them with Fritos and drinks.

We got pictures of Jet and John's hands next to each other, and John's been really, really good about complimenting me on how I'm doing. It is something that I really, really need, and it's surprising how much I need someone to tell me that I'm doing well. It's not even just the absense of criticism but actual positive feedback that really, really feels good enough to actually make me cry. I am doing well. Patient as heck with the baby, and it's only going to get better.

Also, Jet lost the stub of his umbilical today. Dried up and fell off and John lost it for a while, but I found it in his swaddling clothes. We tossed it and peered at the brand new belly button. Now he can actually wear onesies, I still don't really see the advantage to t-shirts... especially since with the dryness around here he really needs to be lotioned on the belly and chest fairly regularly.

John thought it was pretty cool that Jet's belly button was born on his due date.

John called Joan and she and Alex came to visit and she held Jet for a while. Alex got aquainted as well, and it was interesting to watch him with Jet. I have to admit that I hovered more than I like. I'm going to have to get better about that. The party was good practice letting other people hold him.

I went to take a nap when they left, at 4 and slept until 6, when I fed Jet off the breast and when I pumped I had less than a tablespoon. I don't know if it's my pumping technique, if my body is just running low, or if Jet's getting more milk from my breasts to start, so he's actually empying them. That would be kind of nice if it were true. He seems to be quiet andcontent with Dad, though, so that's good.

I actually made meatloaf from scratch for dinner, with instant mashed,and frozen veggies. I think I might need to eat more, as I'm losing weight really, really fast. The real food felt really good, though, and I am so very glad of all the practice cooking I got in beforehand, as now I can get good meals down in twenty minutes flat, which is about the time it takes for John to get a fussy, just off the breast Jet to settle down to let us eat dinner. Very nice.

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