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February 24, 2001
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More Learning

I really haven't done all that much other than eat, feed Jet, and find some time to sleep. I did manage to get through all the Harry Potter books, thanks Genevieve! They were a good, fun read and reminded me of a number of the magical books I read when I was a kid. Enjoyed them every once in a while.

Jet's actually really good. It's just when it takes about an hour to feed him including the pumping an doing it about seven times a day, it's just a lot of time and the rest of it is just trying to feed myself and clean up after everything. He'll get more capacity and probably get more milk eventually. He's also sleeping really well at night, only getting up once around 2-4 for feeding and maybe twice more for diaper changes and then up again early in the morning around 6-8 and then goes to sleep again for a good long time, so long as he doesn't have gas. Then he's in pain and it's obvious so it's good to comfort him.

The visit with the grandparents was better than I expected. John mediated the one disagreement and after specifics, things cleared up nicely and without any fireworks. They did a great job of doing all the cooking for the week and I did finally get rid of my cold and actually get enough sleep. John and I even ventured out on three trips without the baby for the first time, including having dinner out in downtown Denver at a mildly sad sushi place. Of course the real problem was that I was comparing against Shiro's or the place in San Diego that Kathy brings us, Sushi Zenmai, I think... and any coastal town is going to beat the pants off this landlocked town. The chef tried and did well and gave me some very nice geoduck for my chef's choice treat. I did also get to eat all the raw fish I wanted, which was the whole point of the exercise.

It was interesting, though, to find that I missed Jet when we went out for dinner. Given that, at that point, I hadn't even had a son to miss two weeks before, it was very interesting to realize.

It was also cool to realize that the only disagreement came from the natural clash of two adult sets that had very different training on how to raise kids. It was nice to know that it was handleable, too. I do like having some time to myself and knowing that the caretakers were ones that I could trust enough to leave him with them for a while. That was good.

I can't believe he's three weeks old. Heavier, even. Looking at the pictures from his first week and comparing them to what he's like now, it's obvious he's bigger. Not by a lot, but bigger. New pictures and a full page on Jet's name is now up on our page about Jet. There's a few really good pictures there that I really wanted to get. One of my favorites is that of John's hand with Jet's and the other is that of Jet resting on John's forearm, while he's still small enough to fit.

I cannot really capture all the things I'm learning these weeks. Not here, at least. I have notes on my Visor for this whole time, but I don't know if I'll have the time to transcribe them. It says something, though that the first two nights I was home, I basically pulled all-nighters and only got sleep that added up to 8 hours of down time a day, and now I'm getting about eight a night, with a name in the daytime. I was so nervous about nursing to start, and now I'm reading while Jet is latched on solidly, everything from Carl's copy of Cognition in the Wild to Goodnight Moon. Jet's going to have the weirdest early reading lessons and/or reading aloud to him stuff.

We're all progressing. John's actually back to work half time, and while I miss him while he's away, I'm actually getting to go to the bathroom and cooking my own meals while he is away, which has been kind of nice. Jet is really cool about sleeping when he isn't in pain or in discomfort, so I have had some time to myself, but not much more than doing some reading or a tiny bit of journaling into the PDA... it's hard to concentrate on something when I know I'll be interrupted at any time...

Raven wrote the coolest letter to Jet. People have been sending presents to him, and they're all appreciated. Thanks, Thomas, for the KB Toys card! Someone completely unknown and unexpected sent Jet two books from Canada, but the shipping company didn't put who they were from! Thank you, whomever you are.

I'll try to update every once in a while just to let people know that I'm still alive, but I'll admit it's much more fun taking care of Jet than taking care of a computer for a bit. But we now have an ISDN line, so I might be able to telecommute in the near future, and I might spend more time patching together the small notes I've written in the Visor. Though how interested people are in exact feeding schedules, how many wet and poopy diapers Jet has had (the only way we know that the breastfeeding is working, per se), and just what the quality of my sleep has been is up in the air...

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