February 2, 1998

A Minor Miracle of Motion

A body at rest tends to stay at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Basic physics, that is, and oddly applicable to people as well. Problem is that I've been in motion for the last decade and a half at high velocities and suddenly was brought to a screeching halt by the damned knee. So I was getting decisively grumpy by Sunday. The doctor had made the mistake of saying that it would take "at least a week" before my knee would be able to bend enough to accommodate a stationary bicycle. Raven had noted, a few days ago, that it felt, to him, that it was important for my healing of the knee to get on the bike as soon as possible, and he really was right.

Last night I went nuts enough to try the stationary bicycle even with a knee that couldn't quite bend enough to take the pedal at the top of the arc. There was also the interesting problem that the silly handle things for allowing usage of the arms as well in pumping the fan around were set at an angle where they would bang my knees badly if I held my legs straight, so my knees had to go out to accommodate 'em. Turned out, though, that with my injured knee, that was the only way I could bend it enough to accommodate the arc, so it kinda turned out okay.

The first fifty or so turnings of the bike pedals were with only my left foot on the pedal. Then my body demonstrated the fact that it was built to move... and with the flow of blood and oxygen through the system the knee started to loosen up, and I could put the foot on the pedal through the whole circle. After another fifty to a hundred strokes, I was pedaling hard with both legs, and getting the rpms up enough that Fezzik took exception to all the air flow coming from the fan-resistant wheel and left the room. John says that I should do this thing while the fire's going in the fireplace, then the airflow through the house would improve. I think he's right.

Fifteen minutes later I was walking around the house all sweaty, happy and completely limber again. John helped me fix those handles so that they wouldn't get in the way again, and helped me stablize the bike so that it wouldn't tip to either side with the downstrokes. Hoorah! Then I sat down, cooled off, iced the knee and took a shower and went to bed. My butt's sore this morning, as it's not used to a bike seat, but that'll likely only get better.

I'll admit that I didn't sleep all that well, but that was mostly due to various things that were worrying me about the MRI today. Most of which are piddly things, but they added up to a headful. Most of them are... uhm... medical and uhm.... 'womanly concerns'. One was that I have to make an appointement for an eye checkup and to buy another couple boxes of contacts, another is that I got a card saying that I have to go in for a pap smear soon at Group Health, and the third is that my period hasn't come yet. That last could easily be because of all the stress and pain of the knee, but I'm going to have to go into the MRI and acknowledge the possibilities.

One really great thing was an experiment I did yesterday with portabella mushrooms and teriyaki sauce. I just marinated two portabella mushrooms in teriyaki sauce, then pan fried 'em in olive oil with a sliced onion, had Trader Joe's frozen mac and cheese and a haystack of French cut green beans on the side and it made for an absolutely marvelous dinner that had John going, "Just like meat!" as well as saying that it's something we'll have to do for his folks, likely with brown rice instead of the macaroni and cheese.

Also got to watch X-files last night, which was mostly bloopers, something about the mythology of the show, and some highlights from the shows. I still love the Lone Gunmen the best. Geek that I am. *laughter*

It's very, very good to have had some exercise again, and if I do do this even every other night for the next three or four weeks, I'm going to be in good shape and feeling much better about things.

Managed to feel good enough about things to fold an origami fox from tan paper for Raven, and did another dozen cranes after stringing another hundred of the paper birds up in the curtain of them that I have between the kitchen work desk and the family room area. They glitter in a rainbow of colors, still, and I'm just adding more.

I finally did figure out tables enough to get the front page of all this looking the way I wanted it to. I'm likely to still emphasis content over appearance, but there was enough reason to reorganize things for me to just do it in a way that was pleasing to me. I didn't have to use MS Front Page to do it, so I'm pleased with myself.

Well, I should survive tonight, but I have to get through a load of testing today... so... 'til later...

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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