A Liralen's Adventures Through Life

February 1998
  1: A Depth of Conversation
  2: A Minor Miracle of Motion
  3: A Rockin' Drum Solo
  4: Soft Ash
  5: A Lot of Turkey and Some Exercise
  6: Dress Up
  7: Certainty
  8: Ganbatte Kudasai
  9: Getting Ready
  10: Zoom!
  11: Good Content
  12: The Grace of the City
  13: Lucky 13
  14: Decisions Decisions...
  16: Technobabble
  17: Catching Up
  18: "Stay Awake, Don't Go To Sleep..."
  19: Little Triumphs
  20: The Czechs Check Mightily
  21: Food and Fun
  22: Full-tilt Day
  23: Tom Gryn Found It!
  24: Moody
  26: More Steps
  27: Moving!!
  28: Cherry Blossoms

In which I slowly and gradually come to terms with my knee injury, both the full extent of the injury, what it might mean to my long-term relationship with soccer and what I'm going to have to do to get back to where I once was. Go on a long, exhausting, but very beneficial business trip, get to play with the Horde at the annual DunDraCon and figure out what soccer really does mean to my life.

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