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February 25, 1999
a year ago

Packing for Boulder Again

I saw sunshine today. This morning even. I honestly think it's because Dennis Leery is visiting from New York and Seattle wanted to show him that it *doesn't* rain all the time eventhough he's makin' jokes about it all the time.

More fuckin' all-day meetings. This is just suckful.

Learned a lot in the end, but it just sucks anyway. Feel like I'm forced to follow other people's timing and other people's agendas and the simple fact is that that is true, but good nonetheless. It's a hard balance to fill. But we got through it okay and without me killing anyone for being stupid today. Everyone was pretty good, all together, and it was pretty useful, all in all. It was still, however, an all-day meeting.

This afternoon clouded right up, on schedule and it rained good and hard when we got home. So Fezzik was dripping all over the kitchen floor when we got back from the walk. Dinner was ramen. Yum. Then we packed everything into the purple Lands End bag that I've had for forever, as it's the perfect legal size for a carry on and it's also easy to fit under the seat in front as well as in the overhead bin sideways. It's nice and convenient even when there is no room whatsoever.

I did an experiment, put the blue dress in the dress bag and then rolled the whole thing up. I was hoping that it wouldn't wrinkle too badly if it were rolled in the bag, but velvet does crush pretty badly, depending on the quality of the cloth.

Then sat down and thought a while. We're doing this. Really doing this. About to tackle a whole new company, a whole new city, a whole new state, even, and about to uproot everything we've known for the unknown, relatively. The good things are knowing John and Fezzik will be there, too; that the job itself is something that I mostly know, though all the people will change and the supporting stuctures themselves will change, probably for the better. It's kinda cool, it's kinda scary.

Tom Gryn sent me this really cool article by Darrell Sifford, where he's interviewing a Philadelphia psychiatrist named Richard W. Moscotti. The quote that I loved the best was, "What's wrong with the world is that too many people are afraid." Carl also gave me a cool quote about adventures and misfortunes mostly being the same thing depending on attitude. I'd like this to be and adventure, all in all, and despite the fact that it was all started by forces beyond our control, I think we're getting a handle on making all this happen well.

One minor miracle that happened entirely out of our control as well was the lock down of our interest rate on our house loan. Turns out we locked things down on Monday, and rates shot up yesterday and today. So we lucked out without even knowing it. Thank whomever is actually looking out for us. It was a good thing.

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