Liralen's Adventure Through Life
February 1999
 1: Questions
 2: The Nibs Are Here!
 3: Oooof
 4: Big Meeting
 5: Another Step
10: Shhhh.... I'm Hunting Houses
11: Tired
12: Off to Oakland
15: DunDraCon '99
16: Pieces
17: Bye Bye, Buddha
18: Next Steps
19: Backfill
20: List Day
21: Valentine's Day (Observed)
22: The Dog's Too Smart
23: Lost and Found
24: Toys!
25: Packing for Boulder Again
26: Inspection
27: Founders' Day Party
28: Home So Soon?

A quick transition month as we hunt houses, find one, and then I'm immediately off to DunDraCon '99 with Carl and the Horde. A very good rest before haring back down to Boulder, Colorado to inspect the same house and set up all the thousand and three dominos that have to fall for us to get to our new place.

We get more done more quickly than I'd have ever thought possible. It's an adventure in acceleration as I finally realize that this is going to be 'The Last Time' for a lot of things in the rainy city of Seattle. That the skys that are either raining or dreaming of rain will no long be mine, and that we're moving to a place of sunshine and dryness, plains and a few streams and fewer living things.

Back to the desert arena that I had as a child. But without the cultural richness of LA and San Diego, without the diversity or the Chinese cultural supports that I've long taken for granted here and there. Boulder really is a bunch of white people. The culture shock is gradually stating to sink in.

But the work looks fun and the company looks good, and we can do anything for a year or two. We'll see. We'll see.

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