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January 10, 2000
a year ago
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Thinking is Good

It's nice to just sit and think. Think through a problem all the way from beginning to end and all the side streets that are possible and just think. Get completely away from the keyboard and just apply the mind to all the problem and get it to just fall apart from pure application of brain power. Reduced the problem to five easy steps that I can just whip through tomorrow.

Also got all the journal entries up from my dictation over the weekend, and that felt very good as well. So I rewarded myself with my Christmas gift certificate with Amazon and bought a boatload of books I've been saving for myself. Just pushed everything from the 'save for later' into the shopping cart and hit buy, added the gift certificate number and I was home free. That was pretty awesome.

Talked with Geoff about the depression thing and he's promised he won't intentionally trigger that whole cascade. I just think letting him be aware should do it. If he knows, he knows and now is informed of any consequences. That's all I can really do. The great good thing was that he took it very well and I think it could be something that is very positive for me in the long run. To deal with the thing that scares me the most is a useful thing

The stocks did insanely well today.

We went home early and John rode the exercise bike while I heated beans and rice and peas. I now understand why they're such staples, beans and rice, that is. I think I may have spent $5 all together on the Hopping John and I end up with enough food to feed the two of us for a good couple of weeks. We've had at least four dinner's worth, so that's eight meals, plus another half a dozen to a dozen lunches, given that I made a bunch of refried bean burritos for the freezer from some of the leftovers this last weekend. The rice has given us four meals with just freezer burn rescues. That is how to eat cheap and good, I guess. And all the meals but the first take only minutes to prepare, either in the microwave or on the stove.

Then we played a lot of Crash Team Racing. I went through a few more races and got frustrated with some of the relic racing and then John went through a few relic races that he got frustrated with; but then again, he was trying for perfect runs, where he has to get every single box on his three runs through and if he misses any of the ones that can't be gotten on 'another round through' or any on the last round, he starts all over again. That is truly frustrating.

Finally ended up tired enough to go to sleep, and John packed all his gear for tomorrrow, as he's going to be in San Jose tomorrow and the day after. While I was playing Crash Team Racing, he actually made me a batch of peanut butter cookies! That was very, very sweet, and I got cookies for winning races which is better than any old relic. Better yet, I'll have cookies for breakfast tomorrow! So I'm going to be home alone with Fezzik for two days. Also at work alone, which may be the scarier of the two.

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