Liralen's Adventure Through Life
January 2000
  1: First Day
  2: Romp, Hopping John, and Work
  3: Price of Efficiency
  4: Asking, Finishing, and Lunching
  5: The Next Level
  6: The Other Edge
  7: A Real Friday
  8: Restful
  9: Thought
10: Thinking is Good
11: Dealing
12: Good Thing and Better
14: Busy Days
15: Dangerous Angels
16: Romps and Writing
20: Crazy Week
21: Notfun Friday
22: Neat Recoveries
23: Reunions
24: Home Again
25: Hot Wings
26: Frustrated
27: Solutions
29: Edging It Out
30: Mesa and Bowl
31: Way Too Busy Day

A very busy month. Continuation of all the stress and stretches of the last few months, concerning work. It's just getting harder and I while I keep thinking that I'm more under the gun I'm also getting incredible things done. Things I wouldn't have thought I could have done and finished a bare year ago.

It began with the round the world celebration of the new year and the crowd fascination with all the 0's rolling over, which was actually very cool. The biggest non-event I've seen in a long, long time as well, with the completely painless rollover of digits. The vacation was very nice, all in all, and useful for resting my hands between work spurts.

Got the chance to really get to know a really nice guy named Geoff, that I was introduced to on-line.

Got obsessed with chicken wings just in time for the Super Bowl. Finally ended up, after repeated experiments, with wings that were actually spicey. Took a while! But cooking kinda dropped by the way side by the end of the month, simply from busy bits.

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