January 13, 1998

I went home around 2pm, with a stack of papers under my arm, and when I got home, the sky was grey and threatening, but the drive home was very clear and easy. I made tea, and as I sat down with my tea to read, the snow started to fall.

It fell and fell and fell and the tiny flakes became more and more numerous, and so I built up the fire and got the room by the stairs nice and toasty warm, and read and read and read about our old technology and started to figure out all the stuff I needed to figure out in order to teach what I had never even laid hands on. We'll see how it all works.

The flakes got bigger and the sky got darker, and the room got warmer, so around 5pm, I lay down in the basketchair and went to sleep. I suddenly woke up to see Fezzik right there, in my face and as soon as I opened my eyes, Fezzik licked me *sloop* on the nose. I think he does it just to see the surprised look on people's faces.

And that was when I heard the knock on the door.

Raven did, indeed, arrive last night, and so I fed him green halibut enchilada casserole, which he loved, and a Remlinger Farm's blueberry apple pie with Van Houten cocoa and the like and we sat around and talked and watched the snow fall down and Fezzik playing in the snow until about 2am. The snow was just gorgeous, and it started falling in earnest around 10pm, huge, fat flakes that just floated in from the sky and built up 5 inch tall mounds of fluffy white stuff on the hot tub cover, the patio, the railings and the various posts. The trees outside all looked flocked, and the place was just gorgeous.

We talked about my life and about his life and about the few bits of life that he'd shared with Mark and it was comfortable and fun and interesting to have thought played off thought played off memory and story. He was fascinated by my life at Caltech, and I was fascinated with his friends, and the whole sick dynamic of the dysfunctional work climate that was Compuserve's. It was frightening. He is funny, capable of depths in conversation that I don't usually get from people, and spiritual in a ways that allow him to translate his beliefs into nearly any religion.

That last flexibility is something I've been looking for. In books it's easy, it's in real people that like to talk that kind of thing over, is that it's hard. Most folks that find a spiritual path do so along the pathes of a particular religion so it's hard to get away from the bones that they've built from. When, for me, the things in the Jedi Way meld with the young Carpenter's One Way with the Sufi Way meld with the Old Man's Taoist Way, and it's not exactly the same, but often different words mean the same thing.

So. We had a good time covering a lot of that ground quickly. Which was fun.

Talked a bit about whether or not I could do cooking for a living. He said that of all the people he's ever met, no one could cook like I do, but Susie and Deirdre both cook the way I do, i.e. with care and experience. But it would be fun to make a cookbook that was a story of how the dish got done or something interesting like that.

Knowing how Seattle folks drive when there's snow out, I decided that he was staying the night when it was 2am, there was five inches of snow outside and the temperature were still in the 30's. He said that he'd be fine getting home, and I just kinda looked at him. Sure, he would drive okay, it was the 100 other idiots sliding around on the wet stuff that I was worried about.

Eventually ended up giving him a backrub, which I do with most people, and left him to sleep downstairs in the futon in front of the fire as I curled up in my bed upstairs. It was really nice hearing him singing to himself as I fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, the rain started to fall and the wind started to blow amid the trees, rushing in and blasting away with a sound like a freight train. Occasionally the scraping slide of snow coming down from the roof.

When I woke up this morning, the driveway was about four inches of ice and slush over the ice, most of the snow was gone, but the slope up was scary looking. So I just went back to sleep and slept in latish, had pie for breakfast with Raven and went to work while he was still putting himself together. He gets to lock up, and go when he likes. It was funny finding out that Fezzik had woken him up in the same way that Fezzik had woken me up from my nap.

A good guy to trust. I also gave him all the leftovers from dinner, so that he'd have something to eat at home today. *laughter*

Getting up the hill was interesting. Tried it once without the differentials locked, and slid back down about half way. A little scary with the pond there. But then tried it with the diff lock in regular first gear and the Rangie just trudged right on up with no problems at all. So that was sweet. Got to work just fine and John called me then to tell me that since the snow wasn't a problem any more on the roads that they'd be home late.

So I should be okay for today.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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