January 16, 1998

It's a lot like cramming for an exam. Problem is that unlike my original exams, I'm going into this *knowing* that I'm going to be forgetting everything that I learn. Kinda depressing. Adam laughs and says, hey, what about *him*? He's even going onto a completely new job, talk about cramming for an exam you don't really care about.

We're both doing source code training on our old source code that got sold to companies by Data I/O, and it's on the stuff that we want to abandon, on the most part, so we're having to learn a lot of legacy code and legacy interface and while it's giving me a great basis on how things work now and what we've done in the past for particular problems, it's still something that I'd rather not have to do. To become mired in the past before looking at the future...

Thinking about that, it's not a bad thing. I mean... knowing the sins of the past will do me a good ways to getting into the future.

So, la.

The piercing is healing well. Though when I have an itch in my ear, I can't scratch it without some care. Grumble. It does look nice and I'm glad of it, though only one person at work has noticed it. *grin*

The mad scramble to get the slides done and figure out what to fill time with for the first stage of the training has been nuts, and the only break was soccer last night. I finally finished everything this morning, and got it all zipped up for the folks that are going to be getting it. Whew, so I'm taking the minutes to update this puppy before leaving. I'll likely write entries in my hotel room and then post them when I get back, though there *is* a modem...


I'll be hauling the work laptop with me on this trip and the bugger weighs a ton, so I might as well get some usage from it.

The game last night was on that tiny field that was lighted on just one side that we played on a long while back. The other team had only seven people, and we passed pretty well, and that was that... so at half time, one of their players pulled a hamstring and decided to go home, so the agony was over and we had fun just splitting up and playing for fun. That as good. Though we'd already rotated all our good people to the defense and had been trying to go easy on 'em. It was a lot more fun to play nearly full teams against each other. And Monty didn't let any goals by that weren't from his own team. Yeesh. Bob scored one by accident and when Monty swapped sides one of their women scored one by accident on him.

Poor Monty.

But it was good to run around a little, and I played half-back for long enough to get a workout and then swapped with Gretchen who was freezing at full-back and wanted to get some running in. It was a relaxed and fun game, all in all, and we got home in plenty of time for me to pack and get things done for today.

So... I guess this is Liralen Li signing off 'til Wednesday. See you on the other side.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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