January 19, 1998

Woke up surprisingly refreshed even with all the traffic going on outside my window. Found out that my subconscious mind had been turning it into the sounds of water flowing or surf pounding or the feeling of hearing the flow of life along an arterial of the area/city. It was interesting realizing that.

I got to Coco's with only forty minutes for breakfast, and the wait staff managed to ignore me for the first ten, to the point where I was slightly paniced, and then the waitress breezed in with a, "I guess we've ignored you long enough..." and was very cheerful and helpful when I explained my problem. My coffee and juice appeared instantly, my waffle at exactly the time I thought reasonable and I was out of there in plenty of time to get to the parking lot at Vantis a minute before nine.

When I actually got to the meeting room, they were still setting up equipment. So it really wasn't until 10am that we started. We went through the material at a good pace and stopped for lunch at about a quarter after noon. The afternoon went smoothly and well.

Evening was the bummer. I had setup going to Harold's with Marith and a few others to see Buffy the Vampire, but I was still uncertain as to how all the pieces fit together for the things that I was supposed to be teaching the next morning. I'd brought along all the documentation we had on the flows that other people had written, but hadn't had any time to read them with any kind of concentration. So I called a few people, to try and reach Marith, as I had no idea what her last name is, and they managed to reach her and tell her, while I studied in my room. Gretchen did the bulk of the communication.

I also had dinner at Faultline and decided to never eat by myself again, as I feel just way to guilty and wound up by being the only person at a table to enjoy it. It wasn't the wait staff's fault at all, it was just me, I know, but it was really hard on me. The lamb sirloin was perfectly done, though along with the blue-cheesed mashed potatoes and buttery carrots along with the house brewed root beer. I just wished that I'd been in more of a mood to enjoy them. I did read some during the moments of waiting for dinner.

So I studied, and around 10pm, I finished and got the last link linked, so I was glad that I'd had folks call Marith to tell her that I couldn't have made it, as I really needed to have that stuff down cold to teach it. Gretchen had said, though, that if I finished earlier than I wanted to go to bed to call her and Carl and they might come over and talk. So they did, they had just gotten out of a restaurant and zoomed on over and then took me to Coco's for a midnight snack and then back to the room for a bit of hibiscus tea.

I got to bed before midnight and set the alarm for 7:30.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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