January 20, 1998

I got up, showered, and after the eating alone fiascos of the previous day, I just opted out of breakfast and made myself some Dragon's Well green tea and took that to Vantis with me. That worked beautifully.

After all that worrying about the morning session, I did just fine. In part, I think because of all the worrying and all the studying and all the work that I did to connect most of the major concepts. I did have to call Dennis for one concept and the rest just kinda fell in line. It's good when our documentation gives me what I need.

The morning went very well. The afternoon went even better, after a lunch of pizza and all the folks in the training running off to a meeting in the middle. The afternoon was mostly just stepping through initialization code and having the engineers there suddenly realizing that the code that they had in their hand was entirely and totally object oriented. There is no single module that reads in the various input files, everything gets what it needs when it needs it, sometimes recursively so.


So it was with much relief that I met Trip and Marith and Flynn for dinner at Thai City and we had a good dinner. Afterwards, I visited with Trip for a little bit and then with Marith and Chrisber, as I hadn't seen Chrisber all weekend, and finally went to Gretchen's to read comic books, drink tea, and watch Ally McBeal with Carl and Brad and Gretchen until about 11pm and then I went back to the hotel room and slept after taking a nice hot bath. Yum. Talk about relaxing.

I had about eight messages on my machine by then, and one of them was Adam to say that he wanted to meet me at 7:30 to set things up for the class. The rest were from John and Carl and Gretchen to tell me various things. After this trip I should have Carl's celphone number memorized, you'd think, from all the times I've written it down by now.

All in all, a good day.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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