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January 8, 1999
a year ago

Catching Up

The intellectual ball is finally rolling, helped along by bagels and real espresso and plenty of inhaler shots in the morning.

We told the folks at Victor's that we were moving, and they both responded that it wasn't fair. That was really cool, then they found that we were moving to Boulder, so asked if they could come visit. Looks like they're going to be taking four months off this year, to vacation and enjoy it, so they'll have time for even a road trip if they wanted. That would be very cool.

Work was nice to immerse in, finally. Sweet to actually be able to think again.

Hubert was cool and wrote me about Dundracon, and so Bryant, he and I are going to probably share a room there. That'll really cut down on the costs and give interesting company to escape to when I don't really want to be in the midst of crowds.

Last night we found some excellent Alaskan King Salmon at QFC, bought a bit and I seared it crisp in butter on both sides and then cooked it until it was still medium rare in the pan, and set it on our plates, and by the time we ate, it was cooked all through but sweet, tender and melt in the mouth texture. It was astonishingly good.

Sometimes I count salmon as red meat, as it has all the satisfying qualities of a good steak, but most of the fat is that good cold-water fish fat that's supposed to be good for you.

I still had a craving for red meat tonight, though, and John wanted real red meat so we found ourselves going to the Keg in the Bell-Red area that starts to merge onto Kirkland. It's hidden in a business park off the main road enough that it's somewhat hard to find. The Keg in Eastgate on a Friday night is so crowded you usually have to wait a bit for a seat, but this one actually had plenty of tables. So we just waltzed right in at 6:30 and sat down and ate, which is a very, very big contrast to nearly anything in Redmond on a Friday night.

I was a tad adventerous and got the filet mignon rare rather than my usual medium rare and I was very, very glad of it, and they did it the way I think of as rare. Usually rare is defined as cold in the center, but most restaurants don't do that with their rares, it's usually cooked through, just really red on the inside, not cold at the core. It's usually pretty warmed through the center. This was like that, which is what I'd usually call a medium rare. It was prefect for my tastes, and as tender as only filet mignon can be. Mmm...

Mom is sure that steaks will kill me, but I like them so much, it seems a shame not to enjoy them once in a while.

Afterwards, John and I went by Bernard C. chocolates in Kirkland, to get chocolates that we could share while he was away, i.e. we'd each get some and he could eat 'em on his trip and I could eat 'em at home or something, but while the store's door was open and there were people in there, they were doing something else, and wouldn't sell us anything. That was kinda disappointing.

After that we ran over to Target to get everyday stuff and I had fun getting a bucketload of Aussie shampoos and the Three Minute Miracle in bulk as they were selling the bottles with 100% more free, i.e. the normal eight ounce bottles were sixteen ounces at the eight ounce price. I love the stuff for my completely bleach damaged hair, so I got a ton or two. Odd to realize that we'll likely have to move the stuff as I'm not going through all my stock in a few months.

One of the reasons I'd wanted to go to Bernard C.'s is because I love their chocolates so much it seems imperative that I go there while I can. Though, admittedly, if I did move away and came back to Seattle to visit, I'd probably visit the Bernard C. store just as often as I do now, which is on the order of three times a year.

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