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January 7, 1999
a year ago

Dark, Electronic Caves

I'm starting to get a feel for the Passat, now. Where all the corners are, how fast it'll take off, how fast it slows, how it corners, neat and nimble, rail-solid to the road. Especially at night. I love the little cockpit of the car at night, the glowing controls, the good-color dials, the moonlight streaming in from the sunroof and the sound system. Mmm... the sound system which can be heard easily as the road noise, the wind are all solidly shut out by the cab.

John bought a CD changer while I was sick. There is now CD music in the car, the very first CD player we've ever had in a car before. It's marvelous. I can put on anything I want to drive by in and it fills my head and that's so cool. Taking the swooping curves up Thompson road so fast I can see, from the corner of my eye, the balloons and flower fluttering from a memorial where some teens drove themselves over a cliff. I don't drive anything like when I drove as a teenager. Age brings the knowledge of exactly what there is to be afraid of, I drive like that.

I can now bring the car next to the mailboxes with less than an inch of clearance for the side windows. Did a little sliding practice on the gravel to find out where it loses its grip and how quickly it gains it back, it's very nice. Can back it up pretty quick, but the darned trunk is a pretty high butt on the car, so when I'm backing up uphill it's hard to see.

It feels good, though, now. Doesn't feel like an unfamiliar car when I get in, feels like mine, finally. Like I'll know what she'll do, when and how far and how fast and exactly reproducible when I want that precision. I got into it last night to take it to the local bar to meet up with John and others and I felt the impact of 'this is *mine*' as I slid in and the seat and lumbar support was adjusted to me. In some ways she's like me, female, but with all the dependable male qualities I've always pursued so vigorously, dependability, precision, power, execution and economy all combined with a responsiveness that's finely balanced enough for my needs. I remember, during the test drives, that John gave way to me to drive everything and said that it was because my requirements were much more finely tuned than his. In some ways she really is an extension of my personality.

Yeah, I'm starting to like her more and more and more.

It's still that time or year when we go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. While the Solstice has been by, there is relatively little change in the length of the days, yet. So we get home and home is a nice dark cave amid the towering trees, and I putter about at home.

Started the skeletons of remembering what work things I was doing at work today, finally got to resurrect my notes from a few weeks back and puzzle back into what it was I was doing. Was kinda frustrating, knowing that it was all in my head a while back and now it's all out and having to pick it all back up again, slowly, putting it into a head that felt stuffed up by the cold and all the administration things necessary. I got somewhere.

Hey, if there are any software engineers that would want to work doing tools for chip-making for hardware designers write me and we'll talk, seems like we're going to be hiring a dozen folks soon.

Also did a mad scramble and got everything ready for DunDraCon in February, hotel, plane, and membership. Foomp. Then to reward myself for going through all the last few weeks and months and surviving the cold and stuff, I bought myself a Levenger Circa One Binder. The Circa system's kinda cool, uses cheap plastic rings with a ridge all around the outside that acts as 'teeth' that fit into a punched out shape in the paper, that isn't a hole, so you can actually take the page out of the notebook and put it back in without taking apart the notebook, no snapping of rings. Or replace it with a page easily. I really like the idea and really like my address book, as the address cards can go anywhere at any time, and I can shuffle and sort as I like. Didn't know if I'd like it so much with a notebook, though I do like being able to fold the notebook back on itself anywhere like with a spiral bound but still be able to add or subtract pages. Problem is that pages might work free or I might not like how pages slide on the rings. The high cost item is the paper punch, so I decided not to get that just yet. I might if I like the notebook.

Anyway, it'll give me a way to put all the phone numbers and addresses of the Bay Area folks into my gaming notebook.

Had a big craving for chili dogs for dinner, so we bought the necessary things on the way home, but John had a meeting, so when I got home, I beat up a kiwi, strawberries, yogurt, and some soy milk and had that to drink while he was meeting. Then I sat down and put on Parasite Eve, another of my sister Kathy's amazing Christmas gifts for me.

I sat down at 7, finally looked up again and it was 9. I finished the first day's play and had all kinds of things in my head over how I could have done it better. I really enjoyed it, a lot. It's got some really gorgeous movie sequences, some pretty good sets, interesting motion drivers, and I'm starting to get the hang of the combat. I really like the low intensity of most of the play, as my hands get time to recover. That was really good.

John came home a few minutes after I stood up, and we dined, he got to see some of the game and then we went to bed where he played Pokemon for a while before doing to sleep. I found myself awake in the middle of the night, coughing continuously and unable to find my inhaler. I had to go all the way back downstairs to find it and finally got some breathing back under control.

It's going to be good to breath again.

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