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January 22, 1999
a year ago

Houses and Direction


So. As I'm getting home, and going through the mail, the new insurance cards are in the mail and Aetna finally knows that we exist. That's kinda cool. So I have stuff I can do today about the other Things On My List. We had spaghetti and meatballs, which Fezzik was really eager for the minute they came out of the freezer. I didn't give him one.

Dinner, a walk, and I was so exhausted I nearly fell asleep while taking my shoes off from the walk. Problem was that sometime during all that I'd started looking at the house listings that Colleen had given us for the mountain homes, and there was one house that looked really promising. About the right size, significantly less than the bank said that we could afford but about right for what we wanted to pay, and on about three acres in the mountains and there was an URL for pictures of the place. John went up to the loft to look at it.

It's gorgeous. Just perfect for us, as it has the room, has the privacy and has only a fifteen minute drive to Boulder. The view from the house was just astonishing. Of all the mountains in that area and with rocks of cool proportions. The kitchen and living areas were really open, like our house, and the master bedroom was really nice and large. And from all those common living areas the view of the mountains right there was all around, short scrub trees, rocks, and the bones of the land. Just stunning.

Made it so that John had real problems going to sleep. Thinking about flying out in a weekend or two and just buying the place. We have the finances to do that, and it's got a study, two more bedrooms, and an oversized garage as well as room to keep other cars on the property. It looks like it could be it.

He has so many problems going to sleep that even as exhausted as I was, I couldn't sleep with him rolling around so much, so he removed himself downstairs while I finally got some sleep.

I slept really soundly. Interesting day, today, as we're finally getting the steam up for the next steps just as I'm getting my brain back together. Work was good. Meetings are going to be the thing for the next several weeks, and lots of setup time, time to get our ducks in a row before we hit Boulder and start changing things.

So that was good. Felt good to get organized, get some direction and have something that I'm responsible for. That is good.

The evening was half-hearted, mostly because I was so exhausted from the week. We did, however, spend about an hour with some medical questionnaire that was actually pretty interesting. Lots of in-depth medical questions that we asked each other and filled out each other's forms and so we found out more about each other than we'd known before. That was very cool.

John also filled out all our house loan pre-qualification stuff. All our income, our few debts and lots of other stuff that is just what they want to know about our financial situation. We found out that I had left a few papers at work that we had to get in the morning to copy and send in along with all the other information to collaborate our income.

That was a scary thing, in some ways. Also a learning thing, to see exactly how much we're worth in monetary terms. That was very odd indeed.

I also found out that Pendemonium is a source of great dip pen stuff, quill pens, and interesting papers, so I might just get some of that small stuff from them. The seraph is taking over a larger bit of my creative brain space and he has a few journal entries he wants to scribble down. Reports and remembrances for himself, for though he can completely and utterly recall anything he's ever seen, he can't recall what he's never written. So he likes the creative process of writing down thoughts so that he can distill understanding from them. This is going to be an interesting characters, I can already see.

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