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January 25, 1999
a year ago

Early Birds

I am not a morning person. Especially not a morning person after getting to bed around 1 a.m.. Ugh. We did blunt the edges by going to Victor's in the morning, and, luckily, I was interested enough in the material that we went through all day that I really got into it and stayed well awake for it all. It's actually pretty cool stuff.

I also got lunch for everyone that needed lunch by calling the local deli but I had absolutely no cash, so charged it, and then the delivery guy came and their receipt didn't have room for a tip. I should have just written it in or something... but was too brain dead to get that down while I still had the thought. So I let the guy get away without a tip, which I was rather upset about as the food was really excellent and they'd been prompt and perfect with the order.

So, I'll just give 'em an extra large tip the next time.

We got home early, as we'd gotten to work so early, and I putzed around brainlessly, spinning, knitting a few rounds around a sock, eating a bit of dinner that John heated up and then I zoned watching a director's edition of the Making of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, where he went through all the movie and how he made it and what decisions he'd made on how to get various impacts he wanted to put across. What was most amusing was at the end of the show, where the director is saying that he thinks he has a good movie, that the actors had great relationships and working tension and that he thought he'd made the right decisions but he had no idea how it would be received and it was driving him insane.

Amusing knowing how well it was to be received. Made me think that all creators have that problem. That even the best and the ones that make the best stuff don't have any idea how good it is until people get to it. I don't have to have confidence to make something that can touch people. That surprised me, mildly.

I went to sleep pretty much immediately after that as I was so exhausted I couldn't stay awake. It was 8 p.m. when I took a quick bath and collapsed into the bed and fell deeply asleep.

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